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Original: wax crayon, ballpoint pen; Ontario, 19 September 1964

The "Jack" would satisfy English speaking Canadians, the fleur-de-lis, those of French descent, and the maple leaves the vanity of Lester Pearson.

Original: pencil crayon; Quebec, 14 January 1964; no description given

Original: watercolour; Ontario, 6 November 1964

I am enclosing a design which I feel is truly Canadian, ie. a flag with the map of Canada in the upper left corner, to replace the Jack and a shield with three maple leaves to replace the shield on the ensign, and the background of red. The French people of Quebec are bitterly opposed to the Union Jack in our flag, and we can't hope to force it upon them.

Original: watercolour; Quebec, 1 June 1964

Canadians I speak to want a beautiful flag so it will not look cheap alongside the stars & stripes or the Union Jack. One leaf, one nation is best....

Original: wax crayon; Ontario, 17 September 1964

I am a Canadian of 80 years and have taken a deep interest in [the] flag debate....Herewith is [a] Maple Leaf design where I have applied a green Maple Leaf to indicate a growing Canada. The red, white and blue stripes will represent the three races who have inhabited Canada before and after Confederation and who have fought side by side to repulse an invasion from the south. Namely the Indian, French and English speaking people who deserve a multitude of praise for their efforts in making Canada a nation second to none in world affairs. All stripes point to Maple Leaf indicating unity of all races. This for your perusal.

Originals: watercolour; Quebec, July 1964

Design 1: Without any doubt the design which would please the greatest number of people, since it embodies all. The colours of the Red Ensign, plus the Union Jack for the "Royalists" as well as bringing the Fleur-de-lis on equal well as incorporating the Maple Leaf, Canada's national symbol.

Design 2: Same as No. 1...except psychologically the nation is divided in three separate sections. graphically speaking very well balanced and good looking. Expensive to produce.

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