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Original: ballpoint pen; enlargement; New Brunswick, 30 November 1964

1. Colours: Red and Gold. 2. Clasped Hands for Friendship. 3. Wreath: Unknown Soldier, Veteran. 4. Cross: God, head of Our Country. 5. Stars: One for each Province. 6. Square Knots: one for each Party. 7. Gold Braid Border to tie Parties together.

Red flag trimmed with gold. The Red is for the Blood that was spilt for this country ....The gold represents the immense Natural Resources of our Country. In the centre of this Flag, two clasped hands....This shows Friendship to all Countries. The stars could represent the Universe of which we are a part....All 4 Political Parties....should be represented by a square knot in each corner of the Flag.

Original: printed; Ontario, 17 June 1964

I enclose what looks like a sensible flag for internal use in Canada. It is not cumulative like that of the U.S.A. It is simple so that a child can draw it. It has colours to please both rench and British. White represents the frozen north and purity; Red, a mature colour; Blue for fidelity, and oceans if you like. The red ensign should be retained for air and sea use! The Union Jack should not be scrapped! A flag that represents the polyglot that is Canada today is need for unity. One leaf, one disc, and one colour surrounding it. It smacks of Canada, and only Canada.

The old cliche that there is strength in unity still holds today, and we should all do our best to show the world that Canadians can live together peacefully, successfully, and with high respect and tolerance for each other's ways.

Ontario 23 May 1964

Original: printed; Manitoba, April 1963

The top green strip portrays in the background the Rocky Mountains of the West and the Laurentians of the East....The second strip of yellow gold depicts the growing grain for which Canada is famous...The third strip describes untold numbers of rivers and thousands of lakes...the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic....The coats of arms of the ten provinces which make up Canada are in the shape of an arc and depicts its beginning and origin. Even the shape of the arc has a meaning - freedom, better life and individualism for all those who want to make Canada their new country.

Original: pencil; Manitoba, n.d.

Blue edge: the oceans on each side of Canada. White strip: the winters. Red strip: the summers (the fruits of the earth). The soft green background: the natural resources of Canada. The Union Jack and fleur-de-lis: the two founding peoples. The Indian Teepee and Eskimo Igloo: the two native peoples. The maple leaf: all the people who are proud to be known as Canadians, whether at home in Canada or abroad. The Crown (small, in gold): the central connecting link of our Commonwealth of Nations. People who are loyal to the same thing are loyal to one another.

Original: printed; Manitoba, n.d.

Colours: Azure blue of our skies....White: typically emblematic of Canada is the immensurable expanse of snow, some of it eternal, covering our entire territory up to our remote North Pole. Hence, Snow White should have the largest space in our new flag. Red: the emblematic red on this flag symbolizes "Love and Courage" or again "Love and Valiance."Star: the Polar star, or North star.

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