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Original: collage, fabric and paper; Quebec, 9 June 1964

Represents ties with the Commonwealth and has...a beaver which is truly a real Canadian.

Original: felt pen; Saskatchewan, 23 May 1964

The attached design, based on the Red Ensign, was sponsored in 1950 by the Souris Manitoba branch of the Canadian Legion. The...designer of the flag...was a Saskatchewan-born poet and teacher.

Original: watercolour; Ontario, 15 July 1964

To me a flag is a Symbol of the Ideals of a Country and its people. Something to revere and from which to receive inspiration. Yesterday evening I was inspired to design the enclosed sketch. It is original, distinctive and patriotic looking with the red, white and blue colouring, and the two Maple Leaf motifs give it a Canadian flair. The White Star symbolizes Purity - Peace and Hope and the Cross symbolizes Love, Sacrifice and Victory and Upliftment for all humanity. Canada needs a Flag with inspiring ideals and symbols in this day to lift it out of the pit of degeneracy and materialism it is digging for itself.

Original: printed matter, collage, Saskatchewan, November 1964

I think also the Canadian Beaver should be on the flag, too. Its the hardest worker for Damming things up.

Original: watercolour; enlargement; Ontario; 10 November 1964

The Badge of the Province of Quebec has been omitted, because that Province has its own Flag and symbols.

Original: watercolour; United States, 30 October 1964

I have visited Canada and I will always say it is a beautiful place to live; its snow capped mountains and its green forests, its lakes, its rivers. I am sending you a design hoping you will use it. Ask any visitor how many leaves Canada has and it will always be three. P.S. Hope to visit Canada next year.

-American citizen, New York

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