The Images of a Country
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Original: watercolour, fabric, ballpoint pen on cardboard; British Columbia, 29 May 1964
No. 1 - British Empire [red]
No. 2 - no colour, no race, but a united Canada
1-3 - Red, white, and blue and maple leaf for French and all Canadians in Canada.

Original: pencil crayon; Ontario, 14 July 1964

The stars on the vertical red represent the ten Provinces.
The dark brown base represents the wealth in soil and rock.
The pale blue represents the great waterways and water power of the country.
The dark green represents the great forest wealth.
The white represents the empire of the Arctic. As a symbol I would preferred the Crown...but feel that perhaps a Maple Leaf makes the flag more distinctively Canadian. [The sloping lines represent the Rocky Mountains.]

Original: construction paper; British Columbia, 23 May 1964

The while leaf represents purity, innocence, peace and that Canada is a northern country. The blue field symbolizes vigilance, perseverance, justice, loyalty, and that Canada reaches from sea to sea. The colours of this flag are the same as those of the United Nations flag, and for Canada as a peace-loving country this is very appropriate.

Original: watercolour; British Columbia, 18 May 1964

The red part of the field stands for courage and the blue for justice, also each could represent our founding heritages; the gold maple leaf stands for all Canadians together. If we must have a new flag I hope we will have one similar to this with authority inherent in it and not one that looks like a label off a bottle of Canadian beer.


Original: pencil crayon; enlargement; British Columbia, 22 May 1964

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