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Designs - Queen and Commonwealth

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Queen Elizabeth II's personal flag for use in Canada.

Original: watercolour; British Columbia, 24 November 1964

The enclosed design is what I call a rearranged Canadian Red Ensign.

-Veteran, WWI

It is easy to see you have little or no knowledge of the significance of a flag....You have treated the Queen in a most ungallant, unpatriotic and really disgraceful manner. My advice to you, Sir is, leave the present distinctly Canadian Red Ensign alone. Then apologise to Her Majesty for the disgraceful disturbance you have caused and get on with the affairs of Canada that you have recently been neglecting.

British Columbia, 5 June 1964

The Red Ensign, which I wholeheartedly support, is more than a flag to me. It is country, it is heritage....It has represented a way of life in a world given to strife and revolt....I feel sure a majoority of Canadians would be amenable to some changes in the ensign which would give more prominence to the traditions of New France. But let us go forward in the spirit of what is right - not who is right. Blest be the day when Canadians everywhere will think more on those things which united us, rather than those which divide us.

Alberta, 23 July 1964

Original: watercolour; British Columbia, n.d.

I may say, I sketched this some time ago, it may look as if it has been through the wars, but then...the Old Jack has braved the battle and the breeze for a thousand years and maybe we owe it some consideration. It may be a little colourful but then so is the Stars and Stripes.

Original: silkscreen; England, 11 December 1964

The four quarters on the hoist represent the main streams of Canadian culture and history in such a way that it distinguishes these sources and at the same time shows that no external control or influence is present....The Union Jack...disappears, but its historical association is retained by the inclusion of each of its three component flags of England, Scotland and Ireland....The part of France in Canadian history, is presented by the old battle flag of the French armies of 17th and 18th centuries.

-English citizen, Devon

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