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Original: photograph; enlargement; Ontario, 29 June 1964

I suggest that the Red Ensign be superimposed on the Tri-colour of France....Royal Blue band to denote our loyalty to our Queen and our Constitution....White band to represent the bast fields of ice and snow roamed by the forebears of the only real native Canadians, Indians and Esquimo....Red band to proclaim our patriotism....a green Maple Leaf...for our new Canadians.

-Veteran, WWI

Original: watercolour; Quebec, 15 September 1964

This design incorporates the symbols of the two founding races of Canada, but above all we are Canadians, and this is represented by the Maple Leaf.

Original: printed; Quebec, n.d.

Sovereignty is symbolized by the white background...the Red and Blue stripes represent the provinces, and their number may be varied when needed. Red and Blue are the traditional colours of the two principle Ethnic Groups of Canada; these stripes further indicate the Federation of these Provinces into a United Country. [The maple leaf] is Green to symbolize Youth, Fertility, Unity and Hope.

 2003 Diefenbaker Canada Centre Archives