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I feel I must write to you on behalf of my eight sons, and perhaps also on behalf or should I say in memory of my ninth and oldest son that died in prison in Hong Kong, he did not die for any flag, Sir, he died that you and I and the rest of the free world may live on. It matters little to me what design we have on our flag. Please let it get over with, let the country get on the move again.

72 year-old; Nova Scotia, 19 August 1964

My brother would have preferred very much to have fought under a Canadian Only flag, and it is regrettable that few of the people in Europe where he and so many others died, would ever know that he was a Canadian Volunteer. The Union Jack is a Beautiful flag, but it just doesn't belong to Canada alone.

Manitoba, 20 May 1964

"If you can find a better 'ole, go to it!" Duncan Macpherson - Toronto Star; 16 May 1964

Disagree if you might on the design but never on the need for our own flag: after nearly 100 years.
I watched "Enquiry" last Sunday on television and it showed the D-Day slaughter. Were the fallen or survivors concerned about a flag during this blood bath? Their graves in Europe are marked with crosses bearing the symbol of the nation for which they sacrificed their lives...a proud maple leaf.
So please Sir, let us get behind Mr. Pearson's resolution to authorize the proposed new maple leaf flag as the flag of Canada. All of us from British Columbia to Newfoundland will hail your effort, if not today...tomorrow.

Nova Scotia, 1 June 1964

Stamps promoting the Red Ensign, ca. 1964

As a student of history and one who has served this land of ours in two major wars I am deeply resentful ill-considered and irrational ateempt to cast tradition on the dung-hill and to undermine allegiances not only dear but sacred...especially to those who have had the honour to fight for their country in armed conflict under a flag known to and respected by all. Here speaks an old soldier...

British Columbia, 13 August 1964

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