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Original: watercolour; Alberta, 1964

Design 1: Through the Maple Leaf, this flag represents Canada as always being in "the peerpetual light." A light shining over one Canada. People's choice #1.

Design 2: This flag represents Canada, through the Maple Leaf, as always progressing, going forward. People's choice #2.

Design 3: This flag, through the Maple Leaf, represents Canada as a bright jewel, shining in all directions. People's choice #3.

Original: watercolour and ink; British Columbia, n.d.

10 Provinces linked together round Canadian Emblem, with background of British Flag.

Original: watercolour; British Columbia, n.d.

On the subject of a new Canadian Flag, here are my ideas. I hope you find them worthy enough for Canada.

My ancestors date back to 1689, I think if one were to ask their opinion today on this issue, they would answer that the country THEY pioneered is now old enough to take up its own resposibilities...without affiliations to other countries.

Saskatchewan, n.d.

Original: pencil crayon & ballpoint pen; no address; n.d. No description given

Original: pencil crayon; Alberta, 2 November 1964

I think the flag I am enclosing is the flag most suited for Canada for various reasons, of which are: there are ten provinces, ten blue maple leaves, these ten provinces make up the Dominion of Canada: the red maple leaf. We would still follow the theme of red, white, and blue.

-Grade 11 student

All Mr. Pearson is trying to do is to save Canada as an integral unit. No sacrifice is too great for this cause. I am sure that the flag he has chosen is as good as any for the need.

Saskatchewan, 29 May 1964

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