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Original: pencil crayon; Alberta, 9 June 1964

The dark blue green bears out the 'sea to sea' idea. The golden orange...suggests the land. The Maple Leaf is green denoting youth and strength. The maple leaf contains the Union Jack and the Fleur-de-lis - ssymbols of our heritage. I truly believe that if we are to have a new flag these symbols should be retained.

Original: Construction paper, ink, enlargement; Ontario, n.d.

Original: pencil crayon; Ontario, 15 September 1964

United by both crosses appealing to us by reaching, and circle shows togetherness. 10 Maple Leafs could be placed on blue bars, 5 on each side or all ten on one (for Provinces). Symbol looks good with or without blue bars.

Original: felt pen; Ontario, 1 November 1964

Distinctive. Suggesting clarity and vigour. Transcending all divisive 'blocs.' "Blessed are the peacemakers."

Originals: watercolour, oil paint on paper; Ontario, 15 September 1964. No description given

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