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Original: watercolour; no address, n.d.

It represents ten provinces and two territorial districts by three emblems which form a part of Canada's Coat of Arms, the maple leaves, the Fleur-de-lis and the [lion] Rampant. The [lion], the central Emblem, represents Courage, progressiveness, character and unrestricted exuberant growth. We all love our Country and are proud of it, so let us have a flag that we are proud of also.

Originals: pencil crayon on newsprint; Saskatchewan, 31 October 1964

These designs I think still represent the old Union Jack and the new maple leaf.

Original: watercolour; Ontario, 15 September 1964

It retains the colour of the red ensign, it shows the Anglo/French background, it gives equal prominence to the ten Provinces and carries the Maple Leaf which identifies Canada to the world.

Original: pencil, newsprint collage; enlargement; Saskatchewan, 31 May 1964

I came to Canada in 1926 and was completely satisfied with the freedom which our flag...provided me with, and every other nation[alty] too....I think that every nation should have their flag...around the Union Jack. Kernals of wheat on the stems, in the top half of the design, maple leaves in the bottom half, plus a heart in the centre....

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