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Original: watercolour; Saskatchewan,
15 September 1964

This design I would say is at once fully symbolic, dignified, elegant - and easily recognized - something of which future generations can be proud.

Original: cloth; reduction; Ontario, 14 August 1964; no description given

Original: printed; Saskatchewan, 7 September 1964

[This] is a flag with the single maple leaf, which suggests Unity - which Canda must emphasize above all else. The single maple leaf is in red on a white background, representative of the federal government. The 10 white maple leaves on blue bars, at each end, represent all 10 provinces. The two vertical blue bars represent Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Original: wax crayon; Saskatchewan, Nov 1964

The way it looks you people aren't going to be satisfied until you are presented with a new flag unlike any others. The blue wavy lines on either side represents the seas. The ensign or coat-of-arms is in the centre with 10 fleur-de-lis and maple leaves in a circle around the ensign. If you don't like my version at all I hope you can come up with one you like.

Original: pencil crayon; Quebec, September 1964

This design is from top to bottom and end to end a real Canadian design. The triangles represent our Canadian provinces and the ten blue lines also. The Maple leaf: Canadian emblem. The red cross: our Queen of Canada. It is with pleasure I made it for you Sir.

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