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Original: printed; Quebec, n.d. No description given

Original: watercolour; Ontario, 19 November 1964

It shows the totems of Canada's three founding races.

"Mr. Pearson says we do not write to him about the Flag"

My dear Mr. Pearson
I really am fearsome

Your high reputation is tarnished and dim
From mighty Peacemaker
To political fakir
Is a sad transformation a few votes to win.

Oh dear, Mr. Pearson
I wish you could hear some
Of what we are saying from seashore to shore
It isn't vote-getting
And we are just betting
The longer you keep them the higher the score.

You see, Mr. Pearson
If you could get near some
Who make up the half of this nation and more
You'd know that they'll never
Accept this rag ever
In lieu of a flag they can love and adore.

Restore us our peace, sir
And give us release, sir
Unite, not divide us. In strategy wise
In calm meditation, befitting your station
A dignified flag, sir, be pleased to devise.

excerpt from poem,
Prince Edward Island
4 August 1964

Original: pencil crayon, construction paper; Quebec, 24 May 1964

Hoping this suggestion will help to create "CANADIAN UNITY"

Original: printed; enlargement; Quebec, n.d.

Red triangle: English Canadians
Blue triangle: French Canadians
White triangle: {New} Canadians
Maple leaf: Canada

Original: wax crayon on black construction paper; reduction; Quebec, 3 June 1964

Blue bars mean the oceans...the leaf, not blue or not red is impartial.

 2003 Diefenbaker Canada Centre Archives