The Images of a Country
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Original: watercolour; Alberta, 7 November 1964

Each blue bar or pillar of which there are ten represents a...province and the gold band surrounding the white circle ties in the red maple leaf as in a wedding ring uniting all the provinces.

Where the shield is added, representative of the French and British, the Fleur-de-lis are on top having been here first, and the Union Jack covers more area which gives them equal balance.

Original: felt pen; Ontario, 25 May 1964

The national colours of Canada - red & white.
Two shorelines on different oceans - this being represented by the two corners of blue.
The emblem of a united and nationally strong Canada as recognized all over the world - this represented by the maple leaf.
The Bilingualism of the country which is recognized and accepted the world over and without which Canada would lose some of the universal prestige which we now enjoy - this represented by the Fleur-de-lis.

Original: photograph; enlargement; Ontario, 23 May 1964; no description given


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