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"Hoping This Will End The Strife": Designs

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The three-leaf design, which has been widely illustrated in the newspapers, is nothing but a piece of slick advertising graphics. It might make a good beer label...What is unifying, uplifting or inspiring about three leaves? Nothing. What do three leaves say to the world of our national values, beliefs, and aspirations? Nothing.

Manitoba, 19 May 1964

One wonders just what three maple leaves on a white background are supposed to tell of our future - a singularly innocuous pennant.

British Columbia, 16 August 1964

To me it is unbelievable that anyone could suggest replacing this symbol of pride in our past, our heritage, our vigorous belief in our future - with a dull childlike banner.

Alberta, 8 June 1964

The design of the three Maple leaves is used by a bologna manufacturer in Montreal. Whether it is copyrighted or not I do not know.

Ontario, 29 June 1964

As for the three maple leaves? They appear, no matter how one likes maple leaves, to be the first product of a child who is just learning to draw.

Manitoba, 23 September 1964

Original: watercolour; Ontario, 3 June 1984

Enlargement of printed card.

The idea of a single maple leaf is excellent, especially since the only Canadian leaves that actually grow in the detested "poison ivy and poison oak." In the best interest of our country, this fact of the three grouped leaves should be well considered, to prevent a serious mistake.

Telegram to T.C. Douglas; Manitoba, [11 August 1964]


"it's our best conversation piece."

Len Norris - The Vancouver Sun; 13 June 1964

I don't like the three maple leaves on the white background...the single maple leaf looks better. As I am only 10 [I] will have to look at it longer than Mr. Pearson.

Alberta, June 1964

A white background means surrender; red leaves are dead; three look like a pawn shop sign. Diagnosis: we are in hock; we surrender; we are dead. What a tradition to pass on to generations to come.

Alberta, 24 October 1964

If the three maple leaves represent Canada East, Canada West, and Quebec, it would be well to add one more leaf for the Maritimes. Then the Pearson flag would resemble still more the neckerchief of the Girl Guides, from which the design is stolen.

British Columbia, 23 May 1964

This salad on a table cloth...

British Columbia, 29 May 1964

I AM ALL FOR THE PEARSON FLAG even if it is an old boot - it will be at least Canadian.

British Columbia, 25 July 1964

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