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Original: pencil crayon; Saskatchewan, 5 June 1964

The flag issue has been in the news so much that it finally got me too. I designed a flag and am for your perusal.

Original: pencil crayon, construction paper; Quebec, 10 September 1964

The Union Flag with Fleur-de-lis imposed, the Maple leaf surrounded by the ten star provinces, symbols of tradition, old and new.

"His choices always seem to be a quarter of a mile away"

Edwin McNally; 8 October 1964

Original: watercolour and oil paint on blue construction paper; Quebec, 20 August 1964

The Canadian Cross is an original badge commemorating the traditions and cultures of the Pioneers of Canada who laid the foundations of a nation.

Original: construction paper, felt pen; Ontario, 1 November 1964

The story which this flag tells is centred around a red trimmed white maple leaf symbolizing our land of Canada and its heritage - a heritage founded upon the sound principles of British law and justice. Our continuing membership in the British Commonwealth give further support for the use of a Union Jack background. Our unique French-Canadian culture must not be neglected....The three fleurs-de-lis remind us of three immortal French-Canadians (Cartier, Champlain, and Laurier). The basic red background reminds us of all the many ethnic groups who have come together to make our Canada what it is today. The red crosses indicate that these people have come from all corners of the earth by sea and air (the blue and white) to make Canada their home. We request the consideration of such a design by all who are becoming tired of the current Parliamentary animosity. As young Canadians we are concerned over the threat to the future of our country which this incessant flag squabbling has created.

Original: watercolour; Ontario, 22 May 1964

If we must have a new flag, it should be one to be proud of, that will bring unity to this wonderful country of ours....The ten maple leaves, for ten provinces. The Canadian Beaver, and waves are for "from sea to sea."


Original: felt pen, coloured tape on newsprint; Ontario, 20 May 1964

Enclosed is a modification of the ONE-MAPLE-LEAF flag, which I have done up, certainly showing more character than the 3-leaves.

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