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Original: watercolour; Ontario, 18 May 1964

My design uses a leaf for each province, even though Quebec would prefer a fleur-de-lis for one - which could probably be arranged....Hoping you feel this design has some merit.

Original: watercolour paint, covered with glitter; Ontario, 21 September 1964

After many other designs, I have come to a final effort, which I feel has brought three flag designs (all in contention) to the simplest terms.

Original: printed; Ontario, n.d.

Original: collage; Ontario, 10 May 1964

The acorn brown: solidarity; from little acorns grow big trees, etc. he white background: Purity and justice. The 10 leaves: one for each Province enclosed in the white area indicate a closely knit unity under the National crest. Our Anglo-Saxon/French heritage with the red, white and blue stripes.

Original: pencil crayon, felt pen, ink; Ontario, 10 April 1964

In our opinion if they have to use a maple leaf it should be green, not red. It is green for five months of the year and only red for 10 days, and dead for the rest of the time. A beaver would be a lot better symbol than a maple leaf as they are in all of the Provinces and they are alive 12 months of the year.

Alberta, 24 July 1964

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