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Original: photograph; Quebec, 8 June 1964

Canada to a vast extent is a green country, forests are very much in our life - the yellow represents the wheat....The two arms (or branches) of the garland joined together...will show our history. The design is equally good with or without the beaver - though the beaver represents our life so well.

Original: wax crayon, pencil; Quebec, 4 June 1964

The background...[has] green representing Canada in summer...[and] white for winter. On the left side...representing the West there is...a sheaf of wheat; on the right side there is a maple leaf representing the East....In the Centre the Canadian shield...uniting the unit; the blue wavy lines on three sides...represent the sea.

Original: pencil crayon on red cardboard; enlargement; Ontario, 17 August 1964

Just another flag suggestion to plague you. I dreamt this up in a slack period of work. the Union Jack seems to be the thorn in the side of Canadians of non-British origin....This I have omitted but retained the traditional coat-of-arms. The maple leaf and the "Mountie" do seem to a be symbolic of Canada. I have therefore made the leaf predominant. Perhaps this will make Mr. Pearson happy.

Original: watercolour, printed collage on cardboard; Quebec, 31 August 1964

I feel this flag contains all the references you are looking for.

Original: watercolour on bristol board; Quebec, 26 March 1964

The whole flag: "from sea to sea'/White in the centre: the land /Blue bands: the two oceans

Original: watercolour; Quebec, 14 August 1964; no description given

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