The Images of a Country
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Original: ballpoint pen; Ontario, n.d.

Red lettering spelling Canada and the Northern Star in red. Blue links on an entire white background. Northern Star continually shining over our country Canada. Ten links signifying the ten provinces - linked together coast to coast.

Originals: watercolour on graph paper; Quebec, n.d.

My opponents will argue that I am splitting our country by suggesting two Canadian flags. I suggest the opposite is true....The desire to be identified as French Canadian will remain regardless of the design of our national flag and the present Quebec flag is, therefore, likely to be flown forever in Quebec.

Design 1: for Federal establishments exclusively!

Design 2: for Provincial establishments exclusively!


Design 3: [to be] flown by English speaking Canadians.

Design 4: [to be] flown by French Canadian compatriots who want to be recognized as such!

 2003 Diefenbaker Canada Centre Archives