This site enables use of either standard keyword/phrase searches, or faceted searching (or guided navigation). Researchers are strongly encouraged to use both: each type of search complements rather than duplicates the other and each will locate unique results.

To do a standard search, use the search box on the right side.

  • a simple keyword search will search title, content description, and subjects;
  • to search for a phrase or adjacent words, use quotation marks: eg. "Berlin Olympics"

Faceted searching enables searches based on known results. The initial search screen provides all options within each facet; as each search term is selected, the results will reflect all remaining results within each facet. The terms selected will limit the search; these are displayed above the search results. The specific options available, and number of records for each of these options, will always vary according to each search. For example, searching the facet for ‘Place – Postcard Image’ and choosing ‘Germany,’ provides 38 records; all other facets automatically provide information based solely on those 38 records. Click on the "x" to remove any term; or on "start over" to go back to the initial full search options.


You may search by a single institution – if you do so, the subsequent search page will reflect only what is available within that institution – or you may choose to search through all institutions concurrently.

Postcard Media:

Material on this site has been categorized into general types of postcard media, including real photographs, chromolithography, etc.

You may choose one of these broad types immediately – if you do so, the subsequent search page will reflect only what is available within this "media" – or you may choose to search through all types concurrently.

Postcard Style:

This includes undivided back, deckled edge, etc.

Date Range:

This search enables selection of materials based on broad date ranges. Specific dates of documents will also be found as part of the descriptive record.


Subject terms are more often broadly, rather than narrowly, based; for specific terms it may be useful to try a keyword search.

Specialized Searches:

Searches may also be limited by provenance, the location either of the postcard image or its destination, or language of the postcard text material. To find records from a specific collection, search the fonds/collection field. “Place” fields limit the search by either the image on the card, or the destination based on the recipient’s address. Language is of the card itself, not added written text.