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"So we are all agreed that Canadian space science really started in Saskatchewan. But I'll bet you think that it started here at the University. I think you're wrong. I think it started when a completely frustrated Saskatchewan farmer picked up a pitchfork and chased an incompetent foreign labourer once around the cowbarn and then off into the sunset…The incompetent Welsh labourer, of course, was Frank Davies and the experience convinced him that he really wasn't cut out to be a farmer, that he had better find a university where he could continue his studies in physics. The university that he found was [the University of Saskatchewan] and the rest is history…it was the interaction between Frank Davies and Balfour Currie that is important to the story."

- Peter Forsyth, "How Did We Get Here From There?" 1987


Balfour W. Currie

Frank T. Davies


Balfour Watson Currie (1902-1981) was associated throughout his academic career with the University of Saskatchewan, as a Professor and Head of the Department of Physics, founder of the Institute of Space and Atmospheric Studies, Dean of Graduate Studies and Vice-president, Research.


Frank Thomas Davies (1904-1981) taught as a Lecturer in the Department of Physics, University of Saskatchewan; was a member of Byrd's first Antarctic Expedition; was Director of the Carnegie Geophysical Observatory in the Peruvian Andes; and was Director-General of the Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment.


They worked together at Chesterfield Inlet during the Second International Polar Year (1932-1933). Their records and data analysis from that period were of primary importance in shaping future research in aurora borealis and upper atmospheric studies.


This exhibit documents that year at Chesterfield Inlet, largely through Currie and Davies' own words, with photographs taken by them, and through sample documents and research data.


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