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Life in the Field

"We inherited an empty old hut that had been used before, and we built another hut for magnetic work, as well as a little hut for our telluric current measurements. The interior of the house that we took over contained a lot of our equipment - timers and so on."

- Frank Davies

Chesterfield House, Instrument Room.


"Building the magnetic hut took longer than we anticipated, but I think that we now have the best insulated place in the N.W.T. It has no windows and only small doors so to prevent much cold getting in around them, and as a result is an object of much curiosity among the natives. Someone told them that we are working with the stars, and they cannot understand how anyone can work with the stars in a place without windows. The small doors are even more of a puzzle, because they just take one look at us and then wonder how we…get through the doors."

- Balfour Currie

Magnetic Hut.

Magnetic Hut in Winter, Davies standing in Front.

Expedition Residence.

View of Expedition Quarters.

Quarters, Magnetic Hut, Shed.

Winter View: Living Hut,
Magnetic Hut, Store Hut.

Currie and Rae at Fort Sik Sik.


[Rae] With Fish.

Men With Fishing Net.

Cribbage Board.

Interior, Living Quarters.

Davies: Wash Day.

Davies Cutting Currie's Hair.

[Davies] In Field.

[Davies Surveying] In Field.

[Davies] In Field.

[Rae] In Field.


"Stuart McVeigh was very fond of these little sik-siks, and he practically tamed one of them, using a big bag of nuts that came from our various supplies, and were meant to last the whole year! That little fellow sitting on his knee got all the nuts for the party that year."

- Frank Davies

McVeigh and Sik Sik.

McVeigh and Sik Sik.


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