Educational Resources

1. Was the Medicare Crisis inevitable? Could it have been averted? Develop one plan that would have prevented its occurrence.

2. Essay topic: Write a 5-page essay on the subject “Medical Practice—Science or Business” balancing the medical profession’s commitment to health and wellbeing with the cost of practice and the need to make an equitable economic return from one’s work.

3. Has Saskatchewan continued to lead the way with Medicare reforms and advances? If so, how? If not, why not? Who does lead the way?

4. Medical Top Ten: in the body of this presentation there are various highlights on the road to Medicare presented. Present your personal list of Medical Top Ten accomplishments:
a) in the world
b) in your province, state or country
c) in your locality

5. The emotional aspects of an ethical social issue cannot be ignored, and at times, are played upon by the press. The role of the press in the Medicare Crisis is emphasized through such sources as the Sebestyen cartoons, found within this exhibit.

a) Take ten of the cartoons and provide the underlying message of each one in the form of statements. Then take a current contentious issue in Canadian medicine today (or medicine where you are) and draw a cartoon that expresses it.

b) Write an essay that analyzes the role of the press in the Medicare Crisis of 1962, particularly the Doctors’ Strike. Without the press, would there have been a crisis at all?