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1997: Nobel Plaza

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As part of the University’s 90th anniversary celebrations, a Nobel Plaza, honouring the two laureates connected to the U of S, was constructed during the summer of 1997.  The project was funded by the Meewasin Foundation and designed in partnership with the University.  Two bronze plaques dedicated to the accomplishments of Gerhard Herzberg, member of faculty from 1935 to 1945, and Henry Taube, a graduate (BSc. 1935, MSc. 1937), were unveiled in a dedication ceremony on October 24.  The Plaza, which replaced the parking lot on the bowl side of the College Building, was designed to have the minimal visual impact on the front facade of the College Building, which had previously been declared a
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provincial  heritage site.  The Plaza consists of a pedestrian concourse with a stone clad speaker’s podium faced with bronze plaques.1   This not the first time the two men had been honoured by the U of S.  Drs. Herzberg and Taube had each received honorary degrees from the U of S, the former in 1953 and the latter in 1973.  Herzberg’s 1971 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded for “his contributions to the knowledge of electronic structure properties of molecules, particularly free radicals.”  Taube’s 1983 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded “for his studies of the mechanisms of electron transfer reactions particularly of metal complexes.”


1997a: Nobel Plaza Opening Ceremony. University Secretary's Office. - RG 2009. - 2000-013.
1997b: Nobel Plaza Opening Ceremony. University Secretary's Office. - RG 2009. - 2000-013.


On Campus News, 10 Jan and 17 Oct. 1997.

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