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1996: Computer Science First in Research

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Only 20th in terms of faculty numbers, the University’s department of computer science nonetheless ranked first in terms of its research. An American study discovered research from the department was cited more often per paper than any other Canadian computer science department.

The study, conducted by the Institute for Scientific Information, was seeking to determine research “impact,” measured by the quality and influence of a research program.

The University had been one of the first in Canada to obtain a computer: in October 1957, an LGP-30, was purchased jointly with the National Research Council's Prairie Research Laboratory. Almost immediately, the computer was used to support research as well as teaching, although “computer science” was not then viewed as its own field of study.

By 1960, the Computer Committee was studying the replacement of the LGP-30: "although the equipment was purchased three years ago advancements have made it somewhat obsolete."

The Department of Computational Science was established in 1967, and first offered classes in 1968.


1996a: ‘Computation centre,’ 1966. Photograph Collection, A-1873.

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