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The wildlife in Saskatchewan is spread diversely across the region. While the plains were once home to roaming herds of bison, terrain and climate still reflect the hunting and foraging habits of a vast range of birds, insects, water and boreal mammals, and a variety of endangered or vulnerable species.

Large Mammals

"Its angled rays brought the many glyphs, invisible in higher light, into existence; each morning and each evening its rays created them anew: human handprints, faces and footprints, grizzly bear claws, bison hoofprints leading over the edge of the high cliff."

~ Sharon Butala, Coyote’s Morning Cry

1. Bison, Prince Albert National Park. 2. Bison, Prince Albert National Park 3. Pronghorn/antelope


4. Cow Elk 5. Pronghorn/antelope at Crane Lake 6. Moose in snow


7. Moose swimming in Northern Lake 8. Horses at Fort Walsh  


Small Mammals

9. Beaver lodge near La Ronge 10. Beaverís work 11. Ground squirrel/prairie dog at Cypress


12. Red Squirrel at Waskesiu 13. Red Squirrel at Waskesiu 14. Squirrel in Tree at Emma Lake



"Here and there meadow larks were suddenly upon straw stacks, telephone wires, fence posts, their song clear with ineffable exuberance that startled and deepened the prairie silence - each quick and impudent climax of notes leaving behind it a vaster, emptier, prairie world."

~ W.O. Mitchell

15. Robin Feeding Young 16. Evening Grosbeak 17. Pine Grosbeak


18. A Brewerís Blackbird at Emma Lake 19. Birdís Nest and Eggs 20. "Killdeer" Birdís Nest and Eggs


21. Ducks swimming near Cut Knife 22. A Female "Mallard" Duck 23. Two Female ďMallardĒ Ducks Feeding


24. Several Ducks On and Near Shore 25. Adult White Pelicans with Baby Chicks 26. Three Whooping Cranes in Flight


« Dans le ciel de l'été, d'un bleu absolu, là, un autour seul pendait. Il dérivait bas, dans des cercles paresseux, laissant glisser son ombre sombre sur le chaume, la jachère d'été, le blé cuisant. »

~ W.O. Mitchell

Amphibians, Insects, and Spiders

27. Frog Sitting on a Rock 28. Wing Spread of a Moth 29. Long-horned Wood-boring Beetle, Lac la Ronge


30. Dew Covering a Spiderís Web near Anglin Lake 31. Dew Covering a Spiderís Web near Anglin Lake 32. Dew Covering a Spiderís Web near Anglin Lake


33. Dew Covering a Spiderís Web near Anglin Lake 34. Dew Covering a Spiderís Web near Emma Lake  


Artistic Interpretations

Mac Hone

35. Sketch titled -Bluejays - 1991 36. Water colour sketch of birds  


Joe Fafard

37. Statue of a cow 38. Statue of a cow 39. Untitled painting of a marsh and waterfowl


James Ratt

40. Painting titled -Leaping Deer 41. Untitled Painting of a Grizzly Bear 42. Untitled Painting of a Wolf in snow


John Halkett

43. Untitled Painting of a Deer in Snow 44. Painting titled - White Moose  


Myles Charles

45. Painting titled- Bull Moose 46. Untitled Painting of Gulls in Flight  


Bob Dalby

47. Untitled Painting of Caribou Migration    


Sonny MacDonald

48. Carving of a Common Loon 49. Carving - Loon and Young 50. Carving of a Lake Trout


51. Carving of an Eagleís Head 52. Carving of a two birds mounted on driftwood 53. Carving of a Lake Trout


Lloyd Pinay

54. Carving of an Eagle in catlinite pipestone 55. Carving of a Bearís head in pipestone 56. Carving of a Marten in catlinite pipestone


57. Carving of a Trout in Wapawekka Lake pipestone 58. Carving - The Watchers 59. Carving of a Manís Interaction between Animals and Birds


60. Carving of a Bison on a pipe 61. Carving of a Common Loon 62. Carving - Snake Pipe



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