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Especially for Students:

1. Name seven advantages of living in the country and then name seven advantages of living in a town or city. When you have finished rate them 1 – 7 (giving 1 as the top advantage and 7 as the least advantage). Have your teacher list all of the advantages and put up the class scores by the different ideas.

2. Choose a relative, family friend or acquaintance, who lived on a farm. Interview them about when and why they left, and how they have adjusted to their new lifestyle. Do a picture board with their life experience, together with photos and drawings of the two lifestyles, rural and urban.

3. A new form of rural living is acreage dwelling, in clusters outside of main cities and towns. Is acreage living a full rural experience, or the best of both worlds? List the advantages of acreage life and any disadvantages you know.