Saskatoon Light Infantry

Saskatoon Light Infantry

List of Other Ranks

This list is generated from a database compiled by the North Saskatchewan Regiment. Click on a last name to generate a search of the World War II diaries name index. Note that names and initials do not appear exactly the same in each war diary entry; alternate spellings of last names should also be checked.

This list was compiled from various sources, primarily a nominal role dated October 1940 and updated from entries in the diaries. However, the updates are not exhaustive, in particular it is possible that the entries do not always indicate the final rank at demobilization. Please contact us if you believe an entry is inaccurate.

List of officers

Regt. No. Rank Name Company Date of death
L2144 Pte Abbott, A.    
H77940 Pte Abel, A.    
L1780 Pte Abel, R.A.    
L1790 Sgt Acheson, R.H. A Coy  
L606007 Pte Achtemichuk, P.    
L86698 Pte Adams, K.M.    
H41907 L/Cpl Adams, L.    
L1529 Cpl Aitkenhead, W.T. B Coy 1943-12-13
L1098 Pte Akins, W.J.    
L2089 Pte Albert, D.J.   1972-12-01
A55335 Pte Albert, J.    
L1251 Sgt Albrecht, K. A Coy  
L1526 Pte Alcorn, W.K. A Coy  
L2376 Pte Aldridge, R.    
B70082 Pte Aldridge, W.G.    
D76176 Pte Alexander, G.J.    
L1804 Pte Allan, A.M.    
L1125 Pte Allan, J.M.    
L2029 Pte Allan, N.   1976-02-01
L1171 A/L/Cpl Allan, R.K. C Coy  
L1582 Pte Allen, C.C.    
L2173 Pte Allen, F.    
B65678 Pte Allen, W.A.    
L2286 Pte Allison, C.A.    
L2045 Pte Almas, P.S.    
L2366 Pte Althouse, C.E.    
L2583 Pte Amiss, W.    
B130297 Cpl Anchor, E.A.    
L2475 Pte Anderson, D.K.    
L7275 Pte Anderson, E.K. B Coy  
L6080 L/Cpl Anderson, F.J. HQ Coy  
L1628 Pte Anderson, J.R. C Coy  
H1659 Pte Anderson, K.E.    
H77644 Pte Anderson, R.W.    
L1410 Cpl Anderson, S.L. B Coy  
M33652 Sgt Anderson, W.    
L1701 Pte Andrachuk, W.    
L1415 Pte Andrew, W.M. D Coy  
L2459 Pte Andrews, G.    
L1769 Pte Arcand, G. B Coy  
L1684 Pte Archand, P.    
L1721 A/RQMS Archer, J.G. HQ Coy  
C12114 Pte Arial, J.    
C21114 Pte Arial, J.    
L7013 Pte Armour, A.M.    
H200028 Pte Armstrong, A.    
H42370 Pte Armstrong, J.H.    
L1834 Pte Armstrong, M.A. A Coy  
L2262 Pte Armstrong, W.E.    
L1141 Pte Arnason, O.B. D Coy 1943-12-15
L1056 Pte Arner, A.M.    
L1408 Pte Arnold, R.L.    
L1445 Pte Arscott, L.H. A Coy  
L1509 Pte Arundel, P.J.    
L1541 Pte Aschenbrener, J.    
L2362 Pte Ashdown, H.    
L1128 L/Cpl Ashley, H. HQ Coy  
D46154 Pte Aspinall, J.E.    
L46154 Pte Aspinall, J.E.    
L2445 Pte Atkins, G.S.    
L1342 A/CplL Atkinson, C.   1972-04-22
A11582 L/Cpl Atkinson, G.R.M.    
L1542 Pte Atkinson, W.G.   1976-02-01
L2188 Pte Aune, H.    
L64924 Pte Averill, H.H.    
L13249 Pte Avery, G.J.    
L2509 Pte Aveyard, A.    
L1461 Pte Axworthy, G.S.    
L2438 Pte Ayers, R.W.    
L2478 Pte Backus, J.E.    
L2290 Pte Bacon, J.M.    
L1690 Pte Badger, A.L. A Coy  
L1691 Pte Badger, W.    
L1095 Pte Bailey, J.E.A.    
B63533 Pte Bailey, W.B.    
L1564 Pte Baillie, W.    
L1773 Pte Baines, G. HQ Coy  
L2426 Pte Baird, C.V.    
L1788 Pte Baker, A.J.    
M11824 Pte Bakke, E.S.    
L1228 Sgt Baldwin, H.R. B Coy  
M45280 Pte Ball, A.C.W.    
L2247 Pte Ball, S.W.    
L2269 Pte Ballantine, A.S.    
L2312 Pte Ballantine, R.G.    
L1817 Pte Ballantyne, A.    
L1848 Pte Ballantyne, J.M.    
L86943 Pte Balliet, T.A.    
L2181 Pte Baluch, A.    
L7200 Pte Band, J.A. D Coy  
L1154 Pte Banks, J.L.    
L1155 L/Cpl Banks, P.C.    
L1761 Pte Baril, L. C Coy  
M358 Pte Barkase, A.    
L1276 Pte Barker, D.    
L1172 Pte Barkwell, J.L.    
L1481 Pte Barlow, F.A.K.    
L65529 Pte Barnard, H.E.    
L2575 Pte Barnes, J.    
L154134 Pte Barnett, E.B. C Coy  
L2285 Pte Barr, M.    
L2088 Pte Barton, A.    
L86576 Sgt Basaraba, E.    
L2099 Pte Basaraba, M.    
L1399 Pte Baskott, E.G. B Coy  
L1354 Pte Bate, A. C Coy  
L1109 Pte Bateman, G.    
L1753 Pte Bates, A.H. HQ Coy  
L7232 Pte Batke, F.A. A Coy  
H77587 Pte Baudains, R.H.    
L2637 Pte Bauer, R.    
L107224 Pte Baycroft, H.A.    
L100932 Pte Bazylinski, S.    
L3051 Pte Bear, S.J.    
L1781 Pte Beaton, D.G. A Coy  
L2096 Pte Beatty, E.R.    
L2937 Pte Beatty, T.    
B69566 A/Cpl Bebbington, G.    
L104254 Pte Bechard, R.A.O.    
M104133 Pte Bedard, L.H.    
M44976 Pte Bedford, C.H.    
L2457 Pte Beed, P.    
L2766 Pte Beedle, H.F.    
B37328 Pte Belch, G.L.    
L465064 Pte Belisle, D.    
L1173 Pte Bell, C.J.    
L2154 Pte Bell, D.A.    
L2031 Pte Bell, E.E.    
L53736 Pte Bell, J.A.    
L2369 Pte Bell, J.E.    
L7106 Pte Bell, R.    
L1594 Cpl Bell, R. RCOC HQ Coy  
L2837 Sgt Bellerose, A.M.    
A50353 Gnr Belton, C.W    
L2316 Pte Bennett, A.E.    
L2125 Pte Bennett, A.I. B Coy  
L2390 Pte Bennett, E.S.    
L1106 Pte Bennett, H.A. D Coy  
L2315 Pte Bennett, R.E.    
L2514 Pte Bergen, C.    
L1456 Pte Berger, E.E. C Coy  
L53857 Pte Berger, S.V.    
L1066 Pte Bergeron, J.H.    
L65568 Pte Bergh, H.M.    
M31198 Pte Berglund, W.L.    
L1443 A/Cpl Bergman, W.K.    
M38314 Pte Bernhardt, J.G.    
B94950 Cpl Berry, FA.    
H77598 Pte Bett, R.    
L1174 Pte Bildstein, A.E.    
L2387 Pte Billam, O.E.    
D83137 Pte Billingham, W.R.    
L1688 Pte Bird, A. A Coy  
L1695 Pte Bird, G.    
L27767 Cpl Bird, L.E.    
L1687 Pte Bird, P. A Coy  
L1525 Pte Bird, R.H.    
L2302 Pte Bishop, O.A.    
L86963 Pte Bitzer, J.G.    
L2512 Pte Bjarnason, H.C.   1973-03-01
L1392 Pte Black, R.    
L84732 L/Cpl Blackstock, C.E.    
L2854 Pte Blackstock, R.L.    
L1715 Pte Blades, S.A.    
L2547 Pte Blanch, J.B.    
L2549 Pte Blanch, J.B.    
L2528 Pte Bland, R.    
L1532 Pte Bleackney, A. A Coy  
L1428 Pte Blonding, I.    
L2351 Pte Bloomfield, G.    
L2279 Pte Blowfield,    
L1524 Pte Bobiash, S.    
B86797 Pte Boddy, F.J.R.    
L1575 Pte Bodiou, F.V.P. B Coy  
L1330 Pte Bodner, S.    
L36661 Pte Bohun, P.    
L86586 Pte Bonazew, P.    
L2136 Pte Bonazew, W.A.    
L7184 Pte Bond, J.G. B Coy  
L2177 Pte Bonderud, E.A.    
L1558 Pte Bonderud, L. C Coy  
L2156 Pte Bonds, G.E.    
L7017 Pte Bongard, A.D. A Coy  
L2077 Pte Bonneville, L.W.    
L1244 PSM Booth, G. D Coy  
L1231 Pte Bordynuik, S. B Coy  
L2564 Pte Borisko, W.    
L1327 Pte Borowski, T. C Coy  
L2112 Pte Bostock, E.R.    
L1047 Pte Boucher, I. C Coy 1979-10-01
L154366 Pte Boucher, L.A.    
L12541 Pte Bourassa, C.O.    
L1239 Pte Bourgetel, P.J.    
L2420 Pte Bourque, E.C.    
L1513 A/Cpl Bouskill, S.E. D Coy  
L1832 Pte Bouveur, R.J. A Coy  
B69876 Pte Bowler, C.    
B51618 Sgt Bowman, D.    
L2209 Pte Boyd, P.    
L1585 Pte Boyer, J.    
L2101 Pte Boyle, W.R.    
L1111 Pte Braden, W.K.    
L2246 Pte Bradford, S.W.    
L1175 Cpl Bradley, R.E. C Coy  
L1411 Pte Brady, J.E.    
L1439 CSM Brain, F.M. A Coy  
L2111 A/Sgt Brand, W.M.    
L1287 Pte Brauer, J.H.S.    
L154027 Pte Brecker, J.J.    
L1837 A/Sgt Bremner, L.J. A Coy  
L1091 Pte Brennen, L.    
L2032 Pte Bright, C.L.    
L2473 Pte Bright, M.G.W.    
B94713 S/Sgt Brooks, O.R. RCEME  
L2260 Pte Brophy, D.J.    
L1626 A/L/Cpl Brophy, T.E. D Coy  
H19829 Pte Bross, P.J.    
L1485 Pte Brown, A.J.S. B Coy  
L1112 Sgt Brown, C.G. HQ Coy 1943-07-01
B62354 Pte Brown, H.A.    
L1386 Pte Brown, H.J.    
L1176 Pte Brown, J.C.    
L1302 Sgt Brown, J.C. A Coy 1943-12-16
L2191 Pte Brown, L.C.    
L2442 Pte Brown, N.A.    
L1082 Pte Brown, S.G. D Coy  
L1099 Sgt Brown, W.V. B Coy  
L1158 Pte Brownlee, R.C.    
L1486 L/Cpl Bruce, D. B Coy  
L1455 Pte Bruce, J. A Coy  
L2311 Pte Bruce, R.M.    
L86850 Sgt Brunton, C.W.E.    
A19205 Pte Brydges, L.C.    
L2113 Pte Bryson, J.E.    
L2734 Pte Buchan, F.    
L1242 Pte Buchanan, A.    
L1741 Pte Buchanan, K.E. HQ Coy  
L53535 A/Cpl Buchanan, L.E.    
L2102 A/Cpl Buchner, J.P.   1943-07-23
L1818 Pte Bugg, F.A. A Coy  
L2395 Pte Bunn, C.H.    
L2498 Pte Burchill, C.G.    
L2434 Pte Burdego, N.J.    
K66714 Pte Burden, A.A.    
L1750 Pte Burgess, A.E. HQ Coy  
L2131 Pte Burke, A.E.    
F54999 Pte Burke, T.W.    
L67313 Pte Burnside, L.    
L1102 Pte Burrell, H.T. B Coy 1943-12-18
L2127 Pte Burrows, F.W.    
L1438 Pte Burrows, L.E.    
L2313 Pte Burrows, W.    
L1030 A/L/Cpl Burton, G.R. D Coy  
L7237 Cpl Burton, P. A Coy  
B67672 Pte Busby, W.G.    
L601173 Pte Busse, J.P.    
L1432 Sgt Butler, C.F. D Coy  
F76657 Sgt Butler, E.A.B.    
H204427 Pte Butor, J.    
L2284 Pte Butterworth, W.K.    
L74656 Pte Byers, G.L.    
L1657 Pte Byj, A. HQ Coy  
B51746 Pte Byrne, W.J.    
L1289 Pte Bysouth, G.T.    
L2413 Pte Cable, G.V.    
L2414 Pte Cable, W.A.    
L1391 Pte Cahill, W.    
L1630 L/Cpl Callender, H.E. D Coy  
B74668 Cpl Callodine, C.J.    
L2379 Pte Cameron, H.J.   1941-06-01
L86512 Pte Campbell, D.W. B Coy  
L1403 Pte Campbell, H.K.    
L2786 Pte Campbell, J.    
L2490 Pte Campbell, J.P.    
L1565 Pte Campbell, L.P.    
L2067 Pte Campbell, T.    
L2254 Pte Campbell, T.H.    
L2452 Pte Campbell, W.R.    
L1739 Pte Campbell., W.P. B Coy  
L1643 Pte Camponi, W.M.    
L2886 Pte Camsell, J.B.    
K66003 Pte Cannon, W.C.    
L27788 Pte Carefoot, S.R.    
L1738 Pte Carey, P.C. HQ Coy  
L2368 Pte Carley, L.W.    
L2019 Pte Carlson, S.H.    
L1437 PSM Carlyon, E.H. A Coy  
P20676 A/Sgt Carnegie, M.L. BHQ  
M11302 Pte Carnell, R.R.    
L19128 Pe Carpenter, J.    
D136934 Pte Carpenter, J.A.    
L2373 Pte Carpenter, R.H.    
L2321 Pte Carr, G.I.    
L2343 Pte Carratt, F.    
L1045 Pte Carrier, I.    
L2880 Cpl Carriere, J.E.    
L2005 Pte Carter, A.E.    
A44707 Pte Carvers, G.W.    
L2480 Pte Casey, F.L.    
L2730 Pte Casey, W.P.    
L2199 Pte Cassidy, T.    
L102335 Pte Castiday, W.    
L1823 Pte Catling, L.S. B Coy 1975-06-01
L1166 Sgt Cattermole, F.    
H21099 Pte Cavers, L.G.    
H19099 Pte Cawson, T.H.    
L2109 Pte Cederstrand, E.O.    
L2650 Pte Chaban, M.    
L1346 Pte Chagnon, G.    
L1627 Pte Chamberlain, E. D Coy  
L2621 Pte Chamberlain, W.J.R. C Coy  
L2256 Pte Chambers, S.    
L2430 Pte Champagne, T.J.    
L1418 Pte Chantigny, E. D Coy  
L2488 A/Sgt Chapman, R.H.    
L2604 Pte Charman, G.    
L1805 Pte Chatterton, W.R. A Coy  
L7220 Pte Cheers, G.G. D Coy  
L2021 Pte Cheeseman, G.W.    
L1087 Pte Chemko, S. B Coy  
H41491 Pte Cherniski, M.    
L2671 Pte Cherrier, R.    
L1379 Pte Cherry, C.R.    
L2070 Pte Cherry, J.P.    
L1229 Pte Cheryn, C. B Coy  
H102045 Pte Chester, J.H.    
M66303 Pte Chieduch, E.H.    
L2300 Pte Chilwell, T.   1944-10-29
L1559 Cpl Cholka, J.    
M40817 A/S/Sgt Choquette, HQ Coy  
L1699 Pte Chouinard, L.E.J. A Coy  
B74671 Pte Chub, J.    
L1725 Pte Chupa, A. D Coy  
L2511 Pte Clark, E.M.    
L1709 CQMS Clark, G.V. HQ Coy  
L2468 Pte Clark, J.J.    
L65070 Pte Clark, J.S.    
H41486 Pte Clark, R.A.    
L1233 Pte Clark, W.I. B Coy  
L2114 Pte Clarke, P.E.    
L2422 Pte Clarke, T.H.   1944-10-29
L28182 Pte Clarke, W.C.    
L64398 Cpl Clarkson, L.J.    
M103034 A/Cpl Cleaver, R.V.    
H77679 Pte Clee, L.E.    
L2353 Pte Clewes, G.    
L1755 Pte Clewes, S.    
L2292 Pte Clifford, A.J.A.    
L1238 Pte Clifford, J.W. HQ Coy  
L2068 Pte Cluss, E.H.    
L2090 Pte Cobban, A.    
L103156 Pte Cobler, A.H.    
L1754 Pte Coburn, V.P.    
L2085 Pte Cochrane, J.    
L7186 Pte Cochrane, M.K. B Coy  
D284 Pte Cochrane, T.    
L2084 Pte Cochrane, T.    
L1303 Pte Cockburn, J.H.    
L23034 Cpl Cockshoot, A. BHQ  
L1554 Pte Coe, A.E.    
L1480 L/Sgt Colburn, W.E.G    
L7459 Pte Cole, W.H.    
L74590 Pte Cole, W.H.    
H103046 Pte Coleman, V.K.    
L2541 Pte Colley, D.    
L23029 Pte Collins, E. A Coy  
L1757 A/Cpl Collins, G. HQ Coy  
L2080 Pte Connolly, T.E.    
H45930 Pte Connors, E.M.    
L1859 Pte Cook, E.H. A Coy  
L2361 Pte Cook, H.G. D Coy  
L1061 Cpl Cook, W.J. B Coy  
L27953 Cpl Coombe, R.F.    
L1710 Pte Cooper, F.L. HQ Coy  
L2238 Pte Cooper, J.    
L2217 Pte Cooper, W.H.   1943-12-18
L13232 Pte Copeland, S.R.    
L2023 Pte Copp, C.S.T.    
L1234 Pte Cormer, H.J.    
L7146 Pte Cormier, P. A Coy  
L7147 Pte Cormier, P.    
L1343 A/Cpl Corrigan, E. D Coy  
L1352 Pte Corriveau, L. C Coy  
L1162 Pte Cote, H.C. C Coy  
F40819 SSgt Cote, T.W.    
L2466 Pte Coulson, L.    
L2041 A/L/Cpl Courchaine, H.J.    
L7212 Pte Cowan, F.A. D Coy  
L7312 Pte Cowan, F.A.    
L1654 Pte Coward, E. A Coy  
B77418 Pte Cowell, R.A.    
L1037 Pte Cowley, F.B.    
L2265 Pte Cox, E.C.    
L1814 L/Cpl Cox, E.J.A. HQ Coy 1972-07-01
L1592 Pte Cox, G.S. B Coy  
B136481 Pte Coxon, R.T.    
L1142 Pte Cozens, W.F.    
L1508 A/Sgt Crabb, B. B Coy 1956-12-01
L1280 Pte Craig, J. D Coy  
L1221 Cpl Cram, W.J.    
L1624 Pte Cromartie, W.E. D Coy  
L1015 Cpl Crossland, C.S. BHQ 1971-07-18
L23018 L/Cpl Crumley, D.F.J.L. A Coy  
H41636 Pte Cryderman, J.A.    
L1114 Pte Cummings, A.N.    
L1634 Pte Cummings, J. D Coy  
L1636 Pte Cummings, J.B. D Coy  
L13331 L/Cpl Cundall, T.G.V.    
H101396 Pte Currie, D.K.    
L2020 Pte Curtis, A.B.    
L2270 Pte Curtis, E.J.    
L1084 L/Cpl Curtis, R.J. B Coy  
L53897 Cpl Dack, N.W.    
L2347 Pte Dafoe, R.O.    
L1771 Pte Dafoe, W.W.    
L1079 Pte Daniels, W.W.    
L109873 Pte Daurie, J.K.    
L2898 Pte Davey, H.    
B76439 Pte Davey, H.R.    
L2063 Pte Davidson, M.F.    
B17008 Pte Davies, A.F.    
L1258 A/L/Cpl Davies, D.T. D Coy  
L12634 Pte Davies, G.    
L2115 Pte Davies, M.P.    
L7201 Pte Davies, R.B.    
L1129 Pte Davis, D.M.    
C20528 Pte Davis, J.H.    
L2587 Pte Davis, W.    
L1240 Pte Dawson, H.W.    
B77411 Pte Day, G.A.    
L7318 Pte Day, H.    
L2253 Pte Day, J.C.    
L2211 Pte Day, R.    
L1820 Pte Deacon, E. D Coy  
L27404 Pte Dean, W.    
L1052 Pte deFaye, G.R.    
B84101 Pte Deighton, J.W.    
L2440 Pte Dekelver, L.L.J.    
L110279 Cpl Delaronde, P.E.    
L106008 Pte DeLaronde, R.N.    
L154132 Pte Demers, R.J.    
K47462 L/Cpl Denomy, E.R.    
L1252 Pte Denyer, A.D. D Coy  
L1496 L/Cpl Depper, J. B Coy  
L2493 Pte Derksen, R.W.    
L2135 Pte Derksen, W.    
L2116 Pte Derkson, E.C.    
L2318 Pte Derouin, C.A.    
L1038 Pte Des Rosiers, A.E.    
L84642 A/Cpl Deschamps, B.J.    
L1726 Pte Desjarlais, U.    
L2244 Pte Desmarais, E.E.    
L106564 Pte Desnoyers, R.V.    
L1697 A/Sgt Dezell, A.E. D Coy 1943-12-15
L1393 A/L/Cpl Dick, A.M.    
L2239 Pte Didow, G.    
L1843 Pte Didow, W.    
L103973 Pte Dietz, I.T.    
L1405 Pte Dillane, T.T.   1974-04-01
A22217 Pte Dillon, A.C.    
L1663 Pte Dineen, S.D. HQ Coy  
H20701 Pte Dingwall, H.    
L1086 Sgt Trans Dinwoodie, T. HQ Coy  
L1164 Pte Dobie, P.R.    
L1073 Pte Dobson, D.J. HQ Coy  
L102707 Pte Docherty, D.M.    
L2842 Pte Dockerill, F.J.    
L1472 Pte Doerkson, R.E.    
L19040 Pte Doerr, W. BHQ  
L609741 Pte Doherty, J.J.    
L1390 Pte Dolan, E.H.    
L2103 Pte Donaldson, G.    
L2394 Pte Donnachie, O.    
L1345 L/Cpl Donnelly, C.M. A Coy  
L1147 Cpl Doole, S.C. B Coy,RCOC  
L13792 Pte Doraty, L.E.    
G17464 Pte Doucet, J.    
L1740 Pte Doucette, E.    
L2427 Pte Doucette, L.    
L7111 Cpl Dougall, R.    
D10201 L/Bdr Douglas, J.N.    
L2304 Pte Douglas, T.H.G.    
L1491 Pte Dowling, C.H.Y.    
L67607 Pte Downton, C.    
L1696 Pte Dreaver, S.    
L2060 Pte Dube, A.A.    
L1522 Pte Duberts, J. D Coy 1941-04-21
L1222 Pte Ducharme, A.S.D.F.    
L1431 Pte Ducharme, H.G. D Coy  
L2337 Pte Ducharme, J.R.    
H41896 Pte Ducharme, R.K.    
L2237 Pte Ducharme, W.J.    
L65562 Pte Duchscherer, J.M.    
L2354 Pte Duckett, J.   1950-02-09
L2157 Pte Duckett, W.T.    
L1836 Pte Duckworth, W.J. A Coy  
L2893 pte Dufour, M.E.    
L2504 Pte Dumont, C.P.    
L1673 Pte Dumont, J.L.    
L101672 Pte Dundas, R.S.    
L2283 Pte Dunkley, A.J.    
L12281 Pte Dunkley, W.J.    
L2701 Pte Dunlop, C.H.    
H37057 Pte Dustan, R.G.    
L1521 Sgt Dutton, C.R. D Coy 1969-09-30
L1813 Pte Dyke, P.H.    
L2408 Pte Dykes, T.    
L1713 Pte Dzikowicz, W.    
L1051 Sgt Eagle, D.G. B Coy  
L1466 Pte Earl, C.J. HQ Coy  
L2145 L/Cpl Eddy, J.M.    
L1020 Pte Edelman, G.M. A Coy 1942-01-01
L2456 Pte Eden, F.    
L1550 Pte Eder, L. B Coy 1974-05-01
L2117 Pte Edis, W.G.    
F34697 Pte Edwards, H.E.    
L2261 Pte Edwards, R.   1943-12-09
L1434 Pte Effa, R.    
L1794 Pte Elcombe, R.F. B Coy  
L8928 Pte Eliason, O.F.    
A43042 Pte Elliott, A.B.    
M36779 Sgt Elliott, H.J.    
L1177 Pte Elliott, L.E. C Coy  
L1731 Pte Elliott, O.L.    
L1724 Pte Ellison, D.R.    
L2357 Pte Elworthy, W.H.V.    
L12144 Pte Emmerson, E.R.    
L2137 Pte Emmerson, R.J.    
L12965 Pte Ennis, C.W.    
G27410 Pte Enwright, T.A.    
L1178 A/L/Cpl Erickson, A.G. C Coy  
L2208 Pte Erickson, C.    
L109696 Pte Erickson, W.    
L1527 Pte Esplin, M.C.    
L2017 Pte Evans, A.V.    
L13117 Pte Evans, D.G.    
L1748 A/Sgt Evans, M. HQ Coy  
L27299 Pte Evanson, C.M.    
L2377 Pte Everette, E.M.    
H103702 Pte Ewashko, M.    
L1515 Pte Ewing, H. BHQ  
L2273 Pte Eyapaise, S.   1944-06-06
L105624 Pte Eyers, H.V.    
L1421 Sgt Cook Fairweather, G.T. D Coy  
L1852 Pte Falcon, G.J.    
L1360 Pte Falconer, K.E. C Coy  
L2467 Pte Fargey, J.G.    
L2384 Pte Farn, F.R.    
L2494 Pte Farn, G.A.    
L2389 Pte Farness, A.B.    
L65678 Pte Farrar, K.N.    
L2081 Pte Farrell, L.W.    
L1309 CQMS Faulds, F.H.M. A Coy  
L2570 Pte Fear, L.    
L110019 Pte Fecho, R. C Coy  
L1389 Pte Fedorowich, M.L.    
L1669 Pte Feeny, J.    
L2497 Pte Feltham, C.    
L607330 Pte Fenske, W.S.    
L2496 Pte Ferguson, C.L.    
L1044 Pte Ferguson, W.H.    
H7251 Pte Ferland, J.A.    
L154137 Pte Ferris, A.S.    
C70683 Cpl Ferris, R.J.    
C20536 CSM Ferris, S.A.    
L84697 L/Cpl Fetsch, J.P.    
L104259 Pte Feuchuk, M.    
L1179 Cpl Field, W. C Coy  
L2027 Pte Fieldar, R.H.    
D71731 Pte Figsby, L.A.    
L2158 Pte Findlay, G.K.    
H103642 Pte Finlayson, N.    
H204517 Pte Finnbogason, S.    
L1320 Pte Firman, D.M.    
L1619 Pte Firneisz, E.A. D Coy 1942-09-15
L102538 Pte Fischer, E.J.    
L2073 Pte Fisher, J.B.    
L1651 Pte Fisher, J.J. C Coy  
L2240 Pte Fisher, W.F.H.    
L7150 Pte Fisher, W.J. B Coy  
L1766 Pte Fitzjohn, J.    
L2345 Pte Fladseth, O.    
L1454 Pte Flanders, R.A. HQ Coy  
L1180 CSM Fleming, H.C. C Coy  
L7253 Pte Fleming, R.A. C Coy  
L1182 Pte Fletcher, J.R. C Coy  
L2138 Pte Flynn, D.W.   1943-07-26
L155886 Pte Folbar, D.T.A.    
L2499 Pte Ford, A.R.    
L1674 Pte Ford, J. B Coy  
L1156 Pte Forrester, S.    
L1642 Pte Forrie, H.    
L2275 Pte Forshner, F.G.    
L1339 Pte Forsyth, D.R.    
H103774 Pte Fortune, E.K.    
L1544 RSM Foster, G. BHQ  
L1422 Pte Foster, G.H.    
L2048 Pte Foster, L.V.    
L2489 Pte Foster, L.V.    
L2449 Pte Fowler, F.W.    
L1573 Pte Fowler, N. B Coy  
L1589 Sgt Fox, G.M.    
L7030 A/L/Cpl Fox, J.A.    
L2193 Pte Fox, T.    
L1530 L/Sgt Frain, C.T. A Coy  
L2708 Pte Francescone, P.    
L66352 L/Cpl Francis, J.A.    
L74394 L/Cpl Francis, J.A.    
L1370 A/Cpl Fraser, A. D Coy  
L1660 Pte Fraser, A. HQ Coy  
L1029 Pte Fraser, D.M.    
L2000 Pte Fraser, G.    
L58642 Pte Fraser, H.J.    
L3047 Pte Fraser, K.R.    
G17138 Pte Fraser, R.H.    
L2266 Pte Fraser, R.W.    
L2416 Pte Fraser, T.    
L2388 Pte Freeston, H.D.    
L27922 Pte Friske, H.    
L2325 Pte Froese, H.    
M100490 Pte Frohlich, R.    
L2294 Pte Frost, C.J.    
L7205 Pte Fry, A.H.C. C Coy  
L2033 Pte Fudger, F.    
L1025 WO111 Fuesdale, D.J. B Coy 1970-02-18
L2026 Pte Furness, F.R.J.    
L2322 Pte Furness, J.W.    
L1536 Pte Furniss, A.    
L51099 L/Cpl Gaddie, S.J.    
M15699 Pte Gagnon, A.T.    
L105224 Pte Gagnon, C.A.J.   1945-02-27
M15656 Pte Gagnon, P.J.    
L86700 Pte Galambos, A.    
L1377 Pte Galbraith, S.G. A Coy  
L10502 Pte Galiz, A.    
L1341 Pte Gallant, E.J.    
L2502 Pte Gallie, M.R.    
L1772 Pte Gamble, P.B. A Coy  
L1031 SQSM Gardiner, N. BHQ  
L2147 Pte Gardippie, A.    
L1841 Cpl Gardner, S.    
L2367 Pte Garrison, M.D. RCOC  
L2056 Pte Gates, G.    
L1440 Pte Gaudraut,    
L1516 Pte Gaudry, R.R. D Coy  
L1381 Pte Gauldreau, A. D Coy  
H200140 A/Cpl Gaylord, A.A.    
L2205 Pte Geeves, A.T.    
L2324 L/Sgt Gent, A.H.    
L27811 Pte Georgeson, A.C.    
L7236 Pte Gerlitz, A. C Coy  
L2220 Pte Gervais, A.    
L1510 Pte Gervais, G.    
L1160 Sgt Gess, W.J. B Coy  
L2159 Pte Gibb, R.C.    
L1844 Pte Gibson, A.H. B Coy  
L1488 Pte Gibson, F.J.D. B Coy  
L86694 Cpl Gidych, J.    
L1265 Pte Giesbrecht, G.    
L1484 Pte Giesbrecht, J.    
L1317 A/L/Cpl Giesbrecht, W. A Coy  
H41759 L/Sgt Giles, B.G.G.    
L23043 Pte Gill, W.H. BHQ  
L1783 Pte Gillespie, H.J. C Coy  
L7303 Pte Gillis, G.S. D coy  
L2515 Pte Gilray, W.B.D.    
L1641 Cpl Gilroy, R.G. HQ Coy 1972-04-18
L7031 Pte Glenn, R.W. BHQ  
H7174 Cpl Glowa, P.    
L1537 A/L/Cpl Gobolos, J. A Coy  
L2025 Pte Godfrey, E.S.    
L2028 Pte Godfrey, H.W.    
L2069 Sgt Goldsworthy, G.J.    
L104709 Pte Golshewsky, E.    
L2202 Pte Goodfellow, G.M.    
L1830 Pte Goodhall, W.    
H40722 Pte Goodie, F.    
L84627 Pte Goodwin, F.A.    
L3008 Pte Gorcynski, J.    
L1028 Pte Gordon, L. BHQ  
L2841 Pte Gordon, S.F.    
L19056 Pte Gordon, T. HQ Coy  
L2349 Pte Gorrell, C.B.    
L102228 Pte Gosselin, A.J.N.    
L1319 Pte Gossen, R.A.    
L7240 Pte Gove, A.S. C Coy  
L2022 Pte Graham, C.M. A Coy  
L1764 Pte Graham, C.V. HQ Coy  
L104752 Pte Graham, D.A.    
L1226 Pte Graham, G.A.    
B51840 Pte Graham, J.D.    
L1081 Pte Graham, L. B Coy  
L1090 Cpl Graham, L.M. B Coy 1944-09-06
L34001 Pte Graham, R.A.    
L1632 Pte Graham, R.J.    
L1181 Sgt Grainger, J.J. C Coy  
L1487 A/L/Cpl Grant, E.E. B Coy  
G17297 Pte Grant, H.W.    
L1262 Pte Grant, H.W.    
L2562 Pte Grant, J.M.    
L101359 Pte Grasley, W.E.    
L1161 Pte Gratrix, R.J. C Coy  
G15037 Pte Graves, J.G.    
L1351 Pte Gray, G.F.    
L1286 Pte Green, E.W.    
L2851 Pte Green, F.A.    
L1756 Pte Green, H.G.    
L1507 Pte Green, J.    
B223 Pte Green, R.A.    
L2118 Pte Greenizan, F.D.    
L1105 Pte Greenizan, S.H.    
L1103 Pte Greenizan, T.R.C.    
L2139 Pte Gregory, C.E.    
L1400 Pte Gregory, H.V. B Coy 1967-02-26
L2245 Pte Gregson, C.    
L2378 Pte Greyeyes, D.    
L2603 Pte Greyeyes, W.    
L1406 Pte Grieves, G.W. B Coy  
L1055 Sgt Griffin, J.W. B Coy  
L1001 Pte Griffiths, A.E.   1971-06-18
L1002 A/Cpl Griffiths, A.R.    
L1032 A/Sgt Griffiths, R.L. D Coy  
D82802 Pte Grimmond, B.A.    
L2448 Pte Grimsdale, J.R.    
L1777 L/Cpl Gristwood, H.    
L1223 Pte Groat, A.Y.    
L62517 Pte Grona, M.    
L65217 Pte Grona, M.    
L1718 Pte Grosy, D.S. D Coy  
L1590 Pte Guenette, L.J.    
H19388 Sgt Gunn, D.W.R.    
L2012 Pte Gustafson, M.A.    
L2182 Pte Gustin, S.A.R.    
H70522 Pte Gwiazda, J.    
L2818 Pte Haatvedt, R.W.    
L2241 Pte Habetier, J.    
L2423 Pte Hackett, J.H.   1972-01-01
L100014 A/Cpl Haggerty, G.C.    
L2148 Pte Haigh, J.P.    
L1041 Pte Haight, W.H.    
L51105 Pte Haikowski, A.    
L1802 Pte Halcro, A.J. HQ Coy  
L1512 Pte Hall, B.P.    
L1217 Pte Hall, C.A. B Coy  
L1069 Pte Hall, G.    
L1075 Pte Hall, L.A.    
L3011 Pte Hall, R.C.    
L2392 Pte Hall, S.A.    
L1602 Pte Ham, R.A. A Coy  
L1768 Pte Hamilton, F.K.    
L23005 Cpl Hamilton, M.G. A Coy  
L1653 Pte Hamilton, W.A. A Coy  
L1065 Pte Hamm, W.L. D Coy  
L1107 Pte Hancock, H.    
L2525 Pte Handel, J.J.    
L7207 Pte Handfield, A.    
L1580 Pte Handley, A.J. A Coy,RCOC  
L1183 A/L/Sgt Haney, K.E. C Coy  
L2010 L/Cpl Hanikenne, M.    
L1450 A/L/Cpl Hanlan, K.J. A Coy  
L2039 Pte Hanley, A.C.    
L1071 CSM Hanley, J.F. D Coy  
L1467 Cpl Hanley, J.R.    
L1436 Pte Hansen, G. D Coy  
L1337 Pte Hansen, H.G. A Coy  
L2271 Pte Hanson, H.G.    
L2450 Pte Hanson, J.    
L1444 Pte Harder, D. A Coy  
L1727 Pte Harder, D.F.H. HQ Coy  
L1850 Pte Harley, R.G. D Coy  
H7042 L/Cpl Harlin, A.    
L1441 L/Cpl Harmer, J.F.    
L2336 Pte Harmsworth, T.    
L1490 Pte Harper, R.V. B Coy  
L1652 Pte Harper, S.H. HQ Coy  
L1603 Cpl Harrington, H.E. A Coy  
L2382 Pte Harrington, W.   1943-12-28
L2212 Sgt Harris, A.D.   1943-12-16
L2455 Pte Harris, B.    
L2470 Pte Harris, B.    
L2303 Pte Harris, M.P.    
L2403 Pte Harrop, G.H.    
L1115 Pte Hart, G.H.    
L7038 Pte Hartley, G.R. C Coy  
L1555 Pte Hartshorne, R.    
H141634 Pte Harvey, R.M.    
L1584 Pte Hatch, G.E. C Coy  
L54839 Pte Hauff, R.C.    
L65253 L/Cpl Haugen, R.    
L2155 Pte Haughren, H.W.    
L1120 Pte Hawkins, L.J.    
L2178 Pte Hawkins, R.    
L1828 Pte Hawley, L.A.    
L1609 Pte Hawley, O.A.    
L1622 Pte Hay, D.R. B Coy  
L1249 Pte Hayes, A.H. D Coy  
L1042 Pte Hayes, A.W.    
L2332 Pte Hayes, C.W.    
L2600 Pte Hayes, C.W.    
L2086 Pte Hays, D.B.    
L2662 Pte Hazell, W.E. C Coy  
L1113 Cpl Healy, R.G. A Coy  
L101429 Cpl Heighes, G.M.    
L2417 Pte Hein, H.    
L12025 Pte Heinz, J.    
L86630 L/Cpl Heisler, G.P.    
L1712 Pte Helm, G. HQ Coy 1972-02-15
L1007 Pte Henderson, H.    
H102387 Pte Henderson, J.C.    
L1787 Pte Henderson, J.H. D Coy  
L2381 Pte Hendricks, H.    
L2831 Sgt Hendricks, P.M.    
L53539 Pte Henry, W.G.    
L1569 Pte Hepburn, A.H. A Coy  
L1531 Pte Herndir, J. B Coy  
L2072 Pte Heroux, J.E.    
L1808 Pte Hession, V.C.    
L1092 Pte Hetherington, J.    
H20977 Pte Hetherington, J.W.    
L25420 Pte Hetherington, W.C. HQ Coy  
L1150 L/Sgt Hewett, L.T. A Coy  
L1423 CQMS Hewlett, S.F. C Coy  
L1579 Pte Hewson, W.E. C Coy 1940-10-27
L2001 Pte Heywood, T.    
L2568 Pte Hickey, O.P.    
L1762 Pte Hickson, V.C.    
L74581 Pte Hilderbrande, J.J.    
L7039 Pte Hill, I.C. B Coy  
L2213 Pte Hillert, W.D.   1941-02-04
A49633 Pte Hillier, A.J.    
L2074 Pte Hillman, D.    
L2299 Pte Hills, L.C.    
L2258 Pte Hills, R.E.    
L1375 Pte Hilton, P.A.    
A11970 Pte Hindman, T.W.    
L1586 Pte Hines, H.L.. C Coy 1949-08-18
L2386 Pte Hinson, R.W.    
B51752 Pte Hipkin, A.G.    
L154021 Pte Hnatuk, J.    
L2282 Pte Hoar, O.J.    
L2288 Pte Hoar, W.L.    
K83089 Pte Hocevar, J. RCOC  
L2385 Pte Hoddinott, R.    
L1245 Pte Hodgson, G.E.    
L1608 Pte Hodgson, H. HQ Coy  
L2110 Pte Hodgson, J.W.   1975-09-01
L2200 L/Cpl Hodgson, M.C.    
L2194 Pte Hoffman, A.G.    
L2432 Pte Hoffman, J.J.    
L2149 Pte Hogan, C.J.    
L1819 Pte Hogan, E.B.    
L2491 Pte Hogan, J.J.    
L1304 Pte Hogarth, A.    
L1310 Cpl Hogg, E. A Coy  
L1407 Pte Hoknes, S. B Coy  
L1570 Pte Holliday, H.C.    
L1533 Cpl Hollowoway, J.I.    
H1529 Pte Holmes, J.W.    
L1350 Pte Holmes, R.J. C Coy  
L2003 Pte Holmes, S.E.    
M24047 L/Cpl Honeychurch, W.    
L1839 Pte Hood, J.M. HQ Coy  
L1117 Pte Hooper, F.R.J.    
H41570 Pte Hooper, G.A.    
L2234 Pte Hooton, H.G.    
L1730 CQMS Hopkins, H.H. HQ Coy 1943-06-08
L605674 Pte Hopko, W.    
L1613 Sgt Hopper, H.S. BHQ  
H77850 Pte Horbas, M.    
L1796 Pte Horky, P.L.    
L74418 Pte Horn, L.M.    
L1519 Sgt Hornseth, C.G. D Coy  
H100049 Pte Horrill, E.J.    
B62320 Pte Hough, K.E.    
L1264 Pte Hourie, W.A.C. A Coy  
L2064 Pte House, H.H.    
L1088 Pte How, G.B.    
L2879 Pte Howes, J.E.    
L2295 Pte Huber, J.D.    
L105658 Pte Hudyma, M.    
L2198 Pte Huff, J.B.    
K52120 Pte Hulme, E.A.    
C21100 Pte Humble, R.W.    
L1502 Pte Humphrey, A.R. D Coy  
L1293 Pte Hunter, G.W.    
K50414 Pte Hunter, N.A.    
B5212 Sgt Hunter, R.G.L.    
K57433 Cpl Hurford, J.R.    
L2094 Pte Hutchinson, S.J.    
L1728 Pte Hutchison, R.    
L1424 Pte Hyde, G.W.    
L2487 Pte Hyde, G.W.    
L2458 A/Cpl Ibister, R.    
M40799 S/Sgt Iddiols, C.E. RCOC HQ Coy  
L1471 Pte Imbeau, W.J.    
L2166 Pte Ind, L.    
B67537 Pte Ingram, J.    
L1140 Pte Ireland, V.H. B Coy  
L27466 Cpl Irvine, H.M. C Coy  
E52693 Cpl Irwin, W.E.    
L1429 Pte Jackson, M.E.    
L2133 Pte Jackson, W.E.    
L2370 Pte Jacob, F.E.    
L2411 Pte Jakes, C.E.    
L1396 PSM James, C.W. B Coy 1966-12-19
L1566 Pte Jamieson, A.D.    
L1631 Pte Jamieson, L.E. D Coy  
B51925 Sgt Jamieson, R.L.    
L1803 Pte Jantz, H.E. A Coy  
L3042 Pte Jarvis, N.    
L2223 Pte Jeannotte, L.D.    
L2391 Pte Jeneroux, B.H.    
L2339 Pte Jennet, L.M.    
L2004 Pte Jennett, O.R.    
L1232 Cpl Jensen, K. B Coy 1944-01-03
M44862 Pte Jevening, C.J.    
L2224 Pte Jocelyn, E.T.    
L2397 Pte Johancsik, D.E.    
L1435 Pte Johannson., A. D Coy  
L8791 Pte John, D.    
L1297 Pte Johnson, A.E.    
K74364 Pte Johnson, D.    
L1384 Sgt Johnson, F.    
L2364 A/Cpl Johnson, J.A.    
L12210 CQMS Johnson, J.P.    
L7210 Pte Johnson, R.C. C Coy  
L2082 Pte Johnson, R.E.    
L2160 Sgt Johnson, R.W.    
B66031 Pte Johnston, C.V.    
L1049 Pte Johnston, L.M. D Coy  
B79716 Pte Johnston, M.S.    
L1692 Pte Johnston, T. B Coy  
L67264 A/Sgt Johnston, W.R.    
L2043 Pte Johnstone, J.P.    
L1683 Pte Johnstone, J.R. C Coy  
L1801 A/L/Cpl Johnstone, R.N. B Coy  
L2421 Pte Johnstone, W.T.N.    
L2476 Pte Jones, A.M.    
L1063 L/Cpl Jones, B.G.    
L2400 Pte Jones, C.C.    
L7230 Pte Jones, E.R. C Coy  
L1235 Pte Jones, J.E. B Coy  
B69841 Pte Jones, J.J.    
L2994 Pte Jones, M.M.    
L1664 A/L/Cpl Jones, W.H. B Coy  
L1385 Pte Jordan, J.E. B Coy  
L7175 Pte Jordison, W.K. C Coy  
H95688 Pte Jorgenson, S.B.    
L2179 Pte Jubinville, T.J.    
P1146 Cpl Judd, J.L.    
L1356 Pte Juravinski, C.C.    
L1023 Pte Kamann, R.    
L110195 Pte Kaminski, J.A.    
L1811 Pte Kane, H.W. B Coy  
B51753 L/Cpl Karn, R.J.    
L1797 Pte Karpan, P. HQ Coy  
L2451 Pte Karpinka, W.    
L1136 Pte Karsey, J.    
L1401 Pte Kasper, E. B Coy  
L1620 Pte Kasper, J.L.    
L155781 Pte Kasun, N.E.    
L103790 Pte Kaufman, A.P.    
A104550 Pte Kay, S.B.    
L86637 Pte Kazmir, L.J.    
L1294 L/Sgt Kealy, J.O. A Coy 1944-05-17
L1282 Pte Kearney, J.E. D Coy  
L1500 Pte Keating, G.J. B Coy  
L2556 Pte Kee, A.F.    
C48588 Pte Keegan, D.W.    
L2053 Pte Keindel, L.F.    
H101460 Pte Keir, R.W.    
K53727 Pte Kellaway, A.    
L2534 Pte Kellerman, C.    
L2482 Pte Kellett, B.I.    
L1597 Pte Kelley, P.A.    
L105180 Pte Kelly, G.W.    
L2214 Pte Kelsey, E.P.    
L1270 Pte Kemp, JR.    
L1349 Pte Kennedy, J.    
H77854 Pte Kennedy, K.    
L23016 Pte Kennedy, L.R. A Coy  
L1737 Pte Kergoat, J.P HQ Coy  
L104939 Pte Kerr, A.    
L1518 Cpl Kerr, A. D Coy  
L103912 L/Cpl Kerr, G.    
L1824 Pte Kerr, K.D. B Coy  
L1013 Pte Kerwin, S.H.    
L2150 Pte Kibble, G.H.    
L2443 Pte Kidd, L.    
L609045 Pte Kielbicki, M.    
L102084 Pte Kielbiski, T.    
L1184 Sgt Kilborn, H.B. C Coy  
L1185 L/Cpl Kilborn, N.W. C Coy  
L1449 Pte Kilgaard, E. A Coy  
L2190 Pte Kilgrain, B.B.    
L2140 L/Cpl Killian, C.G.    
L2104 A/L/Sgt Kilpatrick, N.H.    
L2939 Pte Kilworth, E.V.    
L1468 Pte Kindrat, W. D Coy  
A11526 Pte King, A.S.    
L1587 Pte King, F.M. C Coy  
L10519 Pte King, J.R.    
H20028 Pte King, R.    
L2454 Pte Kippen, C.K.    
L2402 Pte Kippen, K.D.    
L1108 PSM Kirby, J.H. D Coy  
L2079 Pte Kirk, D.G.    
L2002 Pte Kirton, J.    
L2225 Pte Kirton, J.I.    
M45520 Pte Kjosness, A.    
L53560 Pte Klaehn, J.O.    
L23002 L/Sgt Kleimsorge, E. A Coy  
B51939 A/Sgt Knight, G.D.    
A50370 Pte Knister, C.R.    
L603518 Pte Knoblauch, J.    
L12117 Pte Knowles, T.W.    
L1290 Pte Knox, C.J.    
L10551 L/Cpl Knutson, A.R.    
L2910 Pte Kocay, J.    
L603752 Pte Koenig, P.J.    
H46408 Pte Kologie, S.    
L603844 Pte Kopp, A.    
L84658 Cpl Kopp, L.    
L602242 Pte Kosior, S.A.    
H195555 Pte Koski, A.    
L2226 Pte Kostichuk, A.    
L2018 Sgt Kowalski, S.    
L101139 Pte Kowalsky, E.    
L1700 Pte Kozar, H.    
L1363 Pte Krahnbel, J.    
L1498 Pte Kramsing, V. B Coy 1944-01-28
H101536 Pte Kranyk, M.    
L2505 Pte Krauchi, F.E.    
B137213 L/Cpl Krause, A.    
L7291 Pte Kristjanson, J.R. D Coy  
L20132 Pte Krocker, C.    
L2559 Pte Kroeker, J.    
L1230 Pte Kuchkowski, M. B Coy  
H102892 Pte Kuzyk, M.S.    
L1501 Pte Kvamsing, S.   1944-01-28
L84712 Pte Kvinlaug, L.C.    
L2441 Pte Kyle, A.C.    
L1414 Pte La Fontaine, H.    
L1735 Cpl Lachmouth, E.T.    
L102801 Pte Laing, R.D.    
L2460 Pte Laird, G.B.    
L2595 Pte Laird, R.E.    
L1856 Pte Lake, T.H. A Coy  
L1835 Pte Lakey, S.    
L1505 Pte Lambert, A. B Coy  
L1014 PSM Lambton, C.H. A Coy 1943-12-10
L2433 Pte Lane, T.    
L154133 Pte Lanes, E.C.    
L2055 Pte Langley, D.M. D Coy  
H200133 Pte Langton, E.L.W.    
D56497 Pte Lapare, E.O.E.    
L27986 Pte LaPlante, W.J.    
L1705 Pte Larson, L.P. B Coy  
L2195 Pte Laskey, D.    
L102066 Pte Laslo, F.G.    
L1458 Pte Lauay, W.C. C Coy  
L1122 Pte Lauder, E. A Coy  
L2184 Pte Lavallie, P.E.   1963-11-30
E52855 Cpl Lavinscas, A. C Coy  
L1493 Pte Lavoie, G. B Coy  
B63571 Pte Lavois, A.    
L84580 Pte Lawrence, F.    
L104142 Pte Lawrence, P.A.B.    
L1357 Pte Lawrie, G.    
H17542 Pte Lawson, E.H.    
L86712 A/Cpl Leachman, P.T.    
L2289 Pte Leakey, L.    
L1658 Pte LeBlanc, C.C. HQ Coy  
L1571 Pte Lee, G.E.    
L1451 A/L/Cpl Lee, W.    
L2507 Pte Lees, R.J.    
L102522 Pte Leeson, A.    
L2576 Pte Legare, P.    
L106969 Pte Legros, W.E.    
L2396 Pte Leigh, C.M.    
L1809 Pte Leik, J. C Coy  
H7237 Pte Leiter, R.S.    
L1186 A/L/Cpl Lemke, J.D. C Coy  
L1268 Pte Leniuk, J. A Coy 1943-07-24
M40017 Pte Lennerton, J.D.    
H7221 Pte Lenton, L.R.    
L1291 Pte Lenton, R.R. A Coy  
L1292 A/Cpl Lenton, W.D.    
H7107 Pte Leroux, E.    
L1076 Pte Lescelleur, E. BHQ  
B85098 Pte Lester, V.E.    
B51866 Sgt Lewis, C.    
L2308 Pte Lewis, T.A.    
L2630 Pte Lille, C.F.    
L607312 Pte Lillejord, A.T.    
L1746 Pte Lintell, C.A.    
L1763 Pte Litosky, W.T.    
L1334 Pte Little, F.    
L1563 Pte Little, W.J.    
L84599 Pte Logan, L.C.    
L1027 Pte Loken, E.A. HQ Coy  
L1313 Pte Long, A. B Coy  
L1482 Pte Long, A.G.    
D71883 Pte Long, C.W.    
L65656 Pte Lorenzetto, C.    
L1492 Pte Lott, S.G.    
L7045 A/Cpl Loucks, J.R. A Coy  
L2192 Pte Loveless, D.M.    
L1677 Pte Lowe, C.D. HQ Coy  
L2348 Pte Lowen, T.L.    
L2201 Pte Lucier, M.F.    
H204491 Pte Lucier, V.    
L1335 A/L/Cpl Lukaway, J. D Coy  
L1016 L/Cpl Luke, F.W. HQ Coy  
L1561 A/L/Cpl Lund, R.H. D Coy  
L2030 Pte Luney, T.    
K62981 Pte Lunn, E.P.    
L2446 Pte Lutz, W.    
L2558 Cpl Lynam, M.L.    
L7799 Pte Lynch, J.C.    
L1420 Pte Lynn, S. D Coy  
L1655 A/Sgt Lyons, A.V.    
L1126 Sgt Lytle, T.W. D Coy  
B77627 Cfn MacAulay, A.R. B Coy RCEME  
L2066 Pte MacDiarmid, A.    
L607760 Pte MacDonald, A.    
L2330 Pte MacDonald, H.H.    
L27952 Pte MacDonald, H.T.    
L1785 Pte MacDonald, R.J.S. D Coy  
L51141 Cpl MacDonald, W.A.    
L2331 Pte MacDonald, W.G.    
L1419 Pte MacDougall, W.C.    
M105872 Pte MacGillivray, H.L.    
M31772 Pte MacGregor, H.C.    
L1749 Pte MacIntosh, F.G.    
L1745 Pte MacIntosh, I.L. HQ Coy  
M104054 Pte MacKenzie, R.J.    
L1009 Pte Mackie, A.M. HQ Coy 1971-02-13
L2301 Pte Mackie, A.S.    
L2363 Sgt MacLean, W.C.R.    
L1057 Sgt MacMillan, H.R. D Coy  
L1283 Pte MacTavish, C.F.   1969-02-18
L1711 CSM Maddison, W.D. HQ Coy  
L1463 Sgt Magee, L.A. C Coy  
L2016 Pte Magill, J.    
A50611 Pte Mahany, R.B.    
L608521 Pte maier, E.B.    
L1347 Pte Mailhiot, G.    
L13795 A/Cpl Main, R.A.    
L74019 Pte Major, E.S. C Coy  
L23024 Pte Major, T.M. A Coy  
G53649 Cfn Maker, R.N.    
L2185 Pte Maki, C.R.    
L1614 Pte Malbeuf, J.H. HQ Coy  
L1786 Pte Malbeuf, L. B Coy  
L2866 Pte Maloney, E.W.    
L1578 Sgt Manning, J.W. A Coy  
B61418 A/Cpl Mannion, B.V.    
B630270 Pte Manovich, A.    
L74487 Pte Manovich, W.    
L86690 Pte Mantyka, S.F.    
L1720 Pte Marcelin, F. HQ Coy  
B110269 Pte Marchand, A.F.    
L7158 Pte Marcoux, J.E. D Coy  
H103068 Pte Markham, D.    
B51741 Pte Marshall, J.    
L86566 Pte Marshall, J.    
B63844 Pte Marshall, L.    
L1275 Cpl Martel, F.H.A. A Coy  
L2481 Pte Martin, D.J.    
L1807 Pte Martin, J. HQ Coy  
L1257 A/L/Cpl Martin, J.E.    
L2483 Pte Martin, J.H.    
H42256 A/CSM Martin, O.G.    
L1825 Pte Martin, R.N. B Coy  
L23011 L/Cpl Martin, W.C. BHQ  
L105875 Pte Martins, S.W.    
L2306 Pte Mason, K.A.    
L1336 A/Sgt Mason, R.    
L2231 Pte Massey, H.G.    
L1601 Pte Mathers, B.E. B Coy  
L1679 A/L/Sgt Matheson, J.N. B Coy  
L2278 Pte Mathew, P.   1970-02-22
L2076 Pte Mathews, T.L.    
L2037 Pte Mathison, R.C.    
L2297 Pte McAdam, J.E.M.    
L1101 Pte McAllister, J.A.S. B Coy  
L1074 Pte McAran, W.A. A Coy  
L2014 Pte McAvoy, G.T.    
L1067 Pte McBain, E.A. A Coy  
L2537 Pte McCaffery, I.    
L1833 Pte McCaig, W.    
L1858 Cpl McCamon, J.O. C Coy  
L1168 Pte McCann, S.F.    
H19260 L/Cpl McClellan, R.M.    
L1452 Pte McClement, M.T. A Coy  
L1543 Pte McClure, C.H.L. B Coy  
L1012 A/L/Sgt McClure, K. B Coy  
L1187 Pte McClure, P.K.    
L2653 Ptr McComb, M.    
L1308 Pte McCormick, D.R.    
L1779 Pte McCoy, G.    
L1618 Pte McCoy, H.   1944-05-25
L1478 Pte McCoy, J. D Coy  
L2243 Pte McCullic, A.    
L1159 A/L/Sgt McCullie, J. B Coy  
B64913 Pte McCulligh, L.R.    
L27923 Pte McCulloch, J.J.    
L1188 Pte McCullough, K. C Coy  
L1538 Pte McCurdy, C.A.    
L1326 Pte McDaniels, R.W. C Coy  
L2281 Pte McDermott, F.    
L13026 Pte McDonald, D.    
L1504 Pte McDonald, G.B. HQ Coy  
A42487 Pte McDonald, H.F.    
L2013 Pte McDonald, J.G.    
L1367 Pte McDonald, R. D Coy  
L2098 Pte McDougall, M.P.    
L1138 A/Cpl McDougall, R. C Coy  
L17097 Pte McElree, J.W.A.    
L1288 Pte McEvers, W.K. BHQ  
L1453 Pte McFarlane, W.R. A Coy 1979-01-01
B52330 Cpl McGragor, W.    
L1169 Pte McGrattn, L.J.D.    
L2513 Pte McGregor, H.   1969-09-21
L2009 Pte McGuire, F.G.    
G32040 A/Cpl McHugh, R.E.    
B133388 Pte McIlvride, J.M.    
L1068 Pte McInnes, D.H.    
L1078 A/Sgt McIntosh, G.H. B Coy  
L1560 Pte McIntre, D.J.    
L2803 Pte McIntyre, F.C.   1973-07-01
L2183 Pte McIntyre, H.L.    
L1499 Pte McIntyre, J.A. B Coy  
L2557 Sgt McIntyre, J.W.    
L107337 Pte McKague, C.C.    
L1104 Pte McKay, A.    
L1812 Pte McKay, A.    
L1361 Pte McKay, F. C Coy 1972-01-01
L2341 Cpl McKay, G.R.   1965-01-01
L2307 Pte McKay, G.T.    
L1220 Pte McKay, J.    
L1782 Pte McKay, W.A.    
H41291 Pte McKee, T.D.    
L2477 Pte McKenzie, G.M.    
L7252 Pte MCKenzie, P. C Coy  
L1409 Pte McKenzie, R.W.   1943-10-23
M103540 Pte McKim, A.W.    
L2305 Pte McKinley, L.J.    
L1083 Pte McKinnon, H.    
L1130 Pe McKnight, F.K.    
L2352 Pte McLachlan, C.B.    
M106343 A/Cpl McLachlin, S.C.    
L1394 Pte McLaren, D.E. HQ Coy  
L1272 Pte McLaren, L.W. A Coy 1943-12-21
L1321 Pte McLaren, R.J.    
L1311 Pte McLaren, R.M. B Coy  
L1707 Pte McLaughin, A.W.    
L7233 Pte McLean, A.H. C Coy  
L1085 Pte McLean, G.H.    
H70486 Pte McLean, G.I.    
L1702 Pte McLean, J.J. A Coy  
L1026 Sgt McLean, K.J.    
L1243 L/Cpl McLean, R.H. C Coy  
B53445 Pte McLean, W.R.    
L1577 Pte McLennan, A.C.   1939-11-29
L2588 Pte McLennan, P.H.    
L2227 Pte McLeod, A.M.    
L1774 Pte McLeod, F.N.    
K45576 Pte McLeod, J.B.    
L2035 Pte McLeod, J.D.G.    
L2374 Pte McLeod, T.F.    
L7048 Pte McLeod, W.M. D Coy  
B94461 Pte McMacken, W.G. RCOC  
B75770 Sgt McMaster, W.W.    
L2146 Pte McMillan, H.A.    
L2036 Pte McMillan, W.    
L7157 Pte McMillan, W.R. D Coy  
L1033 Sgt McNeil, A.H.S.   1944-09-20
L1546 Pte McNeil, P.    
L23007 Pte McOuatt, U.C. A Coy  
U1591 Pte McPake, J.K.    
L19083 Pte McPoyle, P. BHQ  
B67489 A/Sgt McRae, A.D. C Coy  
L1557 Sgt McRae, A.D. C Coy  
E89097 A/L/Sgt McVarish, C.I.    
D3232 Pte McWilliams, R.    
L2105 Pte Measham, K.J.W.    
H102440 A/Cpl Melmoth, W.F.    
M57086 Pte Meredith, C.R.    
L2264 Pte Mernickle, W.A.    
L107252 Pte Mervold, R.N.    
L2444 Pte Michaluk, J.    
L1514 A/L/Sgt Middlemass, D. D Coy  
L1189 Sgt Middlemiss, N. C Coy  
L27393 Cpl Mikenas, M.A.    
L27305 Pte Miller, A.    
L2371 Pte Miller, A.R.B.    
L1789 Pte Miller, C.L. HQ Coy  
L7276 Pte Miller, G. D Coy  
F34651 Pte Miller, H.F.    
L64101 Pte Miller, K.F. A Coy  
L2132 Pte Miller, T.    
L102017 Pte Miller, W.W.    
L1170 Pte Milligan, R.W. C Coy  
L1054 Sgt Pnr Milliken, G.L. HQ Coy 1973-05-01
L1053 Pte Milliken, W. A Coy  
L54910 L/Cpl Millward, D.G.    
L1119 Pte Minshall, R.R.    
L2425 Pte Minter, E.A.    
L2424 A/L/CPL Minter, H.A.    
L2287 Pte Misievitch, W.    
L2091 Pte Mitchell, E.F.    
L1273 Cpl Mitchell, G.L. A Coy  
L2326 Pte Moase, J.D.    
L2428 Pte Moberly, R.W.    
L110129 Pte Moldowan, C.    
L2222 Pte Moline, C.L.    
L2333 Pte Moncrief, J.T.    
L2419 Pte Moncrief, W.E.    
L1373 Pte Monnette, T.A.    
H5143 Pte Montgomery, J.C.    
L1190 Pte Montgomery, R.W. C Coy  
L1528 Pte Monuik, M. A Coy  
H103260 Pte Moody, J.W.    
H103268 Pte Moody, J.W.    
H26821 Pte Moody, R.    
B5867 Pte Mooe, J.D.    
B51867 Pte Moore, J.D.    
L1333 Pte Moore, W.B. A Coy  
L1535 A/CQMS Moore, W.N.    
L1355 Pte Mooring, W. C Coy  
L1736 Pte Moran, H. HQ Coy  
H42224 Pte Moran, O.S.    
L2947 Pte Morasty, J.G.    
C21590 Cpl Moreno, F.G.    
L2280 Pte Morgan, K.E.   1943-07-17
L2210 Pte Morgan, W.H.    
L41532 Pte Morin, A.    
L2853 Pte Morin, P.    
L7122 L/Sgt Morley, L.H.    
L1194 Pte Morris, V. HQ Coy  
L1633 Pte Morrisette, O.    
L1191 L/Cpl Morrison, A.N. C Coy  
B75320 Pte Morrison, A.R.    
L1192 A/L/Cpl Morrison, C.S. C Coy  
L1193 Sgt Morrison, D. BHQ  
L1476 Pte Morrison, R.R.    
B78749 Pte Morrow, K.G.    
L1600 Pte Mosquito, S. D Coy  
B40198 Sgt Mothersell, W.D.    
U1644 Pte Muir, J.B.    
L1247 A/Sgt Muirhead, R.T.A. D Coy  
L13028 Pte Mundy, A.E.    
L2989 Pte Munro, A.    
L1517 Pte Munro, G. HQ Coy  
L12359 Pte Munro, H.V.    
L2516 Pte Munro, J.W.    
L1479 Sgt Munro, W.M. D Coy  
L2062 Pte Munroe, W.W.    
L2329 Pte Murphy, R.H.    
L1494 Pte Murray, F. C Coy  
L2538 Pte Myers, I.    
L1553 Cpl Myers, J.G.   1944-05-31
L86680 Pte Myers, R.A.    
L1806 Pte Myers, W.E. B Coy  
L2134 Pte Nadiger, L.I.    
L2996 Pte Nagel, R.    
L1593 Pte Nagy, G.    
L603370 Pte Nagy, P.    
L1770 Pte Napope, A.    
L1005 Pte Nash, J.T. B Coy  
L1165 Pte Nasland, A.R.    
L1260 Pte Nault, E.    
L1799 Pte Nault, E.D. C Coy  
L2900 Pte Nault, J.W.    
L1732 Cpl Naylor, W.C. HQ Coy  
L1096 Pte Near, H.W. A Coy  
L2327 Pte Neatby, L.H.    
L2639 Pte Negladuik, W.C.    
L8128 Pte Nelson, C.    
L1195 Pte Nelson, D.H.   1943-08-01
L1368 L/Cpl Nelson, T.C.R. D Coy  
L2248 Pte Nelson, W.A.    
L1380 Pte Nesbitt, J.    
L105048 Pte Neufeld, H.    
L1402 Pte Neufeld, J.    
F76016 Pte Newcombe, L.H.    
L1547 Pte Nichol, R.L. B Coy  
L1680 Sgt Nicholson, C.W. B Coy  
L1035 RSM Nicholson, G. BHQ  
L1765 Pte Nicholson, G.R. A Coy  
H41192 Pte Nicholson, J.    
L1116 Pte Nicholson, W.J.M. A Coy  
H200170 Pte Nickol, J.C.    
L2106 A/L/Cpl Nimec, J.I.    
L1196 L/Cpl Nixon, G.W. C Coy  
A22018 Cpl Nobe, J.E.    
L1039 Pte Nobiss, J.L.    
L1253 Pte Noble, P.A.    
L2335 Pte Nolan, C.H.    
L2291 Pte Nolin, A.F.H.    
L19028 Pte Noonan, B.G. B Coy  
B130721 Pte Norkum, A.A.    
L109215 Pte North, A.W.    
H45947 Pte Nowosad, W.    
L22255 Pte Nunn, R.G.    
L2355 Pte Nursall, J.    
L2590 Pte Nykirk, C.E.    
L1665 Pte O'Connor, R.J.    
L1815 Pte O'Dell, L.A.    
L1743 Pte O'Donovan, T. HQ Coy  
L2401 Pte O'Keefe, G.A.   1972-11-23
L1791 Pte O'Keefe, J.C. HQ Coy  
L2152 Pte O'Leary, M.J.   1967-04-12
L2058 Pte O'Neill, G.V.    
L1266 L/Cpl Oakman, P.L. B Coy  
L1647 Pte Oaks, W.C.   1943-12-01
L1382 Pte Ochotsky, M. A Coy  
K42699 Pte Oegema, A.    
F86603 Pte Ofstie, W.H.    
L2259 L/Cpl Ogston, C.   1944-10-03
L2987 Pte Okemasis, J.    
L3021 Pte Okemaysim, A.G.   1971-04-06
L606440 Pte Olafson, J.M.    
L1121 Pte Olenuik, R. B Coy  
L2320 Pte Olson, J.C.    
L2319 Pte Olson, L.B.    
L534299 Pte Olson, O.L.    
L1340 Pte Olson, T.R. D Coy  
L13240 L/Cpl Oman, W.D.J.    
L1404 Pte Orcutt, L.E. HQ Coy  
L1629 A/Cpl Orriss, C.C. D Coy  
L1583 Pte Osborne, E.E.    
L1250 Pte Osborne, R.    
L1197 Cpl Osmond, H.M. C Coy  
L27383 Pte Ostepchuk, S.    
L1413 Pte Ostfield, R.C. A Coy  
L1300 Pte Osypa, P.A.    
L1046 Pte Ouellette, A.    
L1607 Sgt Ouellette, W.J. B Coy 1943-12-28
L1157 L/Cpl Ough, W.A. C Coy 1943-12-13
L2501 Pte Oulette, O.J.   1955-01-21
L7295 Pte Owens, W. D Coy  
M534 Pte Padzun, J.    
L7056 Pte Palmer, L. D Coy  
L7055 Pte Palmer, L.A. D Coy  
L1135 Pte Panasiuk, P.    
L2508 Pte Paradis, E.R.    
H102343 Pte Park, W.J.    
H102345 Pte Park, W.J.    
L1353 Pte Parker, E.O.    
L1693 Cpl Parker, J.C.   1943-12-11
M31678 Pte Parker, L.F.    
L2885 Pte Parkhurst, A.E.    
L1362 Pte Parkhurst, P.A.    
H20202 Pte Parks, A.O.    
B69980 Cpl Parsons, A.H.    
B69968 Cpl Parsponage, A.H.    
L2128 Pte Partington, J.    
L2206 Pte Partington, J.    
L1077 Pte Pass, A.P.    
L2610 Pte Patenude, D.J.    
B41582 A/Cpl Paton, R.S.    
L1299 A/Cpl Patterson, C.E.    
L1134 Cpl Patterson, E.A.    
L1227 Cpl Patterson, E.A. C Coy  
M104021 Pte Paul, J.    
L1318 Pte Paul, J.B. D Coy  
L1034 Pte Paul, J.R.    
L1596 Pte Paulhus, M. A Coy  
L27590 Sgt Paxton, W.J.    
L74486 A/Cpl Payne, J.F.B.    
L1662 Pte Pearce, D.S. HQ Coy  
L1006 Pte Pearce, W.A. A Coy  
L2358 Pte Pearce, W.A.    
L1714 Cpl Pearce, W.J. B Coy  
L2897 Pte Pearson, W.A.    
L2539 Pte Peat, R.W.    
K75767 Pte Peck, R.S.    
L1649 Pte Peeling, G.G. HQ Coy  
L1604 Pte Peerenboom, W.M.    
L2993 Pte Peerless, C.C.   1967-10-12
L1534 Pte Penfold, H.L. A Coy  
L2796 Cpl Penner, J.    
L2049 Pte Pennycook, E.S.    
L1851 L/Cpl Pennycook, G.G.    
L2100 L/Cpl Pennycook, R.A.    
H42202 Pte Penonzek, P.A.    
L1254 Pte Percy, R.A.    
L2164 Pte Perechinski, J.    
L1752 Pte Perras, R. HQ Coy  
L1329 Pte Perreault, M.T.    
L2126 Pte Perrett, W.H.    
L84610 Cpl Perrins, J.    
L86641 Pte Pete, W.    
L2054 Pte Peters, D.C.    
L1722 Pte Peters, D.D.    
L2168 Pte Peters, H.    
L1050 Pte Peters, J.M.    
L2471 Pte Peterson, G.    
L2071 Pte Petit, J.M.    
L2314 Pte Pettapiece, C.E.    
L1671 Pte Pettapiece, G.E. HQ Coy  
L2007 Pte Pfefferle, M.    
L2500 Pte Pfeifer, G.    
L2840 Pte Pfliger, W.J.    
L1021 CQMS Phillips, E.A. D Coy  
L2040 Pte Phillips, J.T.    
L2119 Pte Picketts, C.H.    
L1567 Pte Picketts, F.    
L2215 Pte Picketts, L.J.    
L1473 CQMS Pickles, W.F.    
L2169 Pte Pilch, S.    
L1093 Pte Pilgrim, H. B Coy  
L2293 Pte Pilhorney, S.    
L104876 Pte Piller, R.N.    
L12681 Pte Pinkney, C.F.    
L1296 Pte Pippenger, R.W.    
L2120 Pte Pirie, A. B Coy  
L2250 Pte Pirie, C.    
L2251 Sgt Pirie, T.W.    
L1040 Pte Plummer, D.E. BHQ  
L195408 te Poadynetz, P.    
L1540 Pte Pochynuk, S.. B Coy  
K67517 Sgt Poelzer, A.V.    
L2410 Pte Poelzer, G.   1972-12-01
L1328 Pte Poirier, J.A.    
L1798 Pte Pollen, D.S. HQ Coy  
L1198 Sgt Pollock, J.W.    
H195408 Pte Popadynetz, B.    
L1475 Pte Poroznuk, S. BHQ  
L2599 Pte Porter, A.    
L2359 Pte Porter, H.P.    
B232 Cpl Porter, R.A.    
L1070 A/PSM Post, A.T.   1939-12-21
L1139 Pte Potter, G.G. BHQ  
L1734 Sgt Potter, H.D.    
L1371 A/L/Cpl Powell, R.W.    
L2412 Pte Powers, W.E.    
L606194 Pte Powless, N.A.    
L7126 A/Sgt Powley, O. D Coy  
L1704 Pte Pratt, H.E.    
L2474 Pte Prediger, C.H.    
L1556 Pte Prentice, A.G. C Coy  
K63030 Cpl Prentice, I.S.    
L23019 Sgt Preston, F.H. A Coy  
L2593 Pte Price, G.I.    
L17287 Pte Price, M.J.    
L2573 Pte Prince, C.A.    
L1549 Cpl Pritchard, A. D Coy  
L3030 Pte Pritchard, W.A.    
M102777 Pte Pryputnicki, P.    
L1464 Pte Pursley, G.D. HQ Coy  
L2581 Pte Purvis, J.    
L1637 Pte Puterbaugh, H.    
L2435 Pte Puttergill, J.H.    
L3009 Pte Pyett, F.E.    
L1200 Pte Pyett, H.K.    
L1199 L/Sgt Pyett, H.R. B Coy  
L1202 Pte Pyett, J.S.    
L1201 Pte Pyett, K.F.    
L1203 Pte Pyett, W.H.    
L1446 Pte Quickfall, R.V. D Coy  
L1854 RSM Quinn, J.A. BHQ  
L1822 Pte Quinn, R.H. A Coy  
L2949 Pte Quinney, L.    
L465786 Pte Rach, J.W.    
L1144 Pte Rackham, R    
L27388 Pte Raine, H.C.    
L2121 A/L/Cpl Ranson, T.    
L1369 Pte Ras, J.    
L2097 Pte Ratcliffe, J.M.    
L7281 Pte Ratte, A. D Coy  
L1615 Pte Rawlings, E. D Coy  
L1204 Sgt Ray, B.B. C Coy 1984-01-21
L1205 Sgt Ray, C.D.   1945-04-20
H20048 Pte Rdcliffe, C.F.    
L7248 Pte Read, S.W.    
L7241 Pte Read, W.S. D Coy  
L2415 Pte Reburn, W.H.    
M103651 Pte Redekopp, J.R.    
L1206 Pte Redman, B.A.    
L103445 Pte Reed, L.E.    
L1358 A/L/Cpl Reese, J.A. C Coy  
L2908 A/Cpl Regan, W.    
L2046 Pte Regehr, T.D.    
L606460 Pte Reichart, J.W.    
L2276 Pte Reid, CA.F.    
L2323 Pte Reid, R.E.    
L2107 Pte Reid, V.R.    
L1322 Pte Reid, W.E.A.    
L2057 Pte Reilly, R.E.    
L107641 Pte Rekunvk, M.    
L46659 Pte Remmem, G.    
K46659 Pte Remmen, G.    
L2334 A/Cpl Reynolds, H.    
L2207 Sgt Reynolds, H.A.    
L154144 Cpl Rice, M.H.    
L1847 Pte Rice, W.T. A Coy  
G4453 Pte Richard, L.J.    
L2756 Pte Richards, G.H.    
H195188 Pte Richardson, J.    
L2151 Pte Richardson, J.M.    
L1784 Pte Richardson, P.S. C Coy 1971-02-08
L1800 Pte Richmond, G.A. C Coy  
L103701 Pte Riddell, J.    
L2506 Pte Riddell, T.C.    
L2170 Pte Ridgeway, W.    
L1751 Pte Ridsdale, H.    
L1548 Sgt Riel, R. B Coy  
B38115 L/Cpl Rink, A.R.    
L1298 Pte Riordan, P. BHQ  
L1281 Pte Riou, A.M.    
L1612 L/Cpl Riou, A.P. D Coy  
L2024 Pte Ritter, W.    
L1523 Pte Roach, H. A Coy  
L1666 Pte Robbins, O.R. HQ Coy  
L1388 A/Sgt Roberge, A.A. BHQ  
C123621 Pte Roberge, J.    
B135570 L/Cpl Roberts, E.C.    
L1576 A/L/Cpl Roberts, J.A. B Coy  
L1225 Pte Robertson, A.J. D Coy  
L1149 Pte Robertson, A.M. B Coy  
L1218 Pte Robertson, J.M. B Coy,RCOC  
L1650 Pte Robertson, R.W. HQ Coy  
L1284 Cpl Robichaud, J.H. A Coy 1943-10-23
L102261 Pte Robinson, J.A.    
L1759 Pte Robinson, R.L.   1967-01-01
L1448 L/Cpl Robson, L.C. A Coy  
L1430 Pte Robson, W.R. D Coy  
L1427 Pte Rodonets, E. D Coy  
L1365 A/L/Cpl Roe, D.I.T. A Coy  
L1132 Pte Roe, E.A. A Coy 1972-05-21
L7062 Pte Rogers, C.J. D Coy  
L2252 Pte Rogers, E.W.    
L23013 Sgt Rogers, J.M. A Coy  
L1143 Pte Rogerson, D.    
L2204 Pte Rohlen, C.E.L.    
M38480 Pte Rolling, D.    
M16544 Pte Romanisson, E.W    
L2129 Pte Romany, C.A.    
L1703 A/L/Cpl Rose, E.J. B Coy  
L12198 Pte Rosiak, W.    
L7214 Pte Ross, J. D Coy  
L2855 Pte Ross, V.    
M103536 Pte Ross, V.N.    
L2078 Pte Ross, W.A.    
L1224 Pte Roy, A.    
A59149 Cpl Roy, H.A.    
L1426 Pte Roy, R.    
L1520 Pte Royle, W.J.    
L2044 Pte Ruggles, T.D.    
L13027 Pte Runz, A.E.    
L1207 Sgt Rupert, E. C Coy 1943-07-20
L2465 Pte Rushmer, M.   1944-09-15
L1638 Pte Rutherford, A.H. HQ Coy  
L2052 Pte Rutherford, R.    
L1412 Pte Rutledge, J.J. C Coy  
L2536 Pte Rutledge, L.M.    
L1315 Pte Ryan, J.   1939-10-20
L2122 Pte Ryan, J.    
L1621 Pte Ryan, J.H. D Coy  
L1827 Pte Ryder, C.C.   1974-03-01
L1572 Pte Sabadka, G.    
H200154 Pte Sabblut, A.    
D132186 Pte Sabourin, M.L.    
L1131 Pte Sagar, V.H.    
L2360 Pte Sager, A.E.    
L2346 Pte Sager, W.H.    
L13118 Pte Sagin, P.    
L603237 Pte Salisbury, G.R.    
L2255 Pte Saltise, S.    
L1616 Pte Samuels, H. D Coy  
L1689 Pte Sand, E. D Coy  
L1152 Pte Sanders, A.V.    
L1635 Pte Sanderson, G.E. D coy  
L7063 Pte Sanderson, P.A. D Coy  
L1267 Pte Sanderson, W.V. C Coy  
L2344 Pte Sandwith, H.W.    
L1640 Pte Sapach, W.    
L1857 Sgt Saretsky, E.A. C Coy  
H41286 Pte Sargent, V.H.    
B83367 Pte Sarrazin, P.H.    
L2011 Pte Sauve, B.    
M610160 Pte Sawchuk, H.    
L1246 Pte Saxby, N.R. C Coy  
L1123 PSM Saxby, P.F. HQ Coy  
L2862 Pte Sayles, G.W.    
L23025 Pte Scales, S.R. A Coy  
L154074 L/Cpl Schaff, M.    
L2404 Pte Schoeder, E.   1972-08-12
L2418 Pte Schondelmeier, H.    
L154003 Pte Schrader, J.    
L1209 Pte Schreiber, A.E.F.   1970-06-01
L1778 Cpl Schueler, L.    
L155521 Pte Schule, W.    
K69358 Pte Schultz, W.    
L2008 Pte Schwan, J.    
L2051 Pte Schwan, J.    
L2577 Pte Schweda, W.    
D72269 Pte Scott, J.    
H77179 Pte Scott, O.G.    
L1048 L/Cpl Scott, O.H. A Coy  
L1617 Pte Scurfield, W.H. D Coy  
L1646 Pte Searle, W.B. HQ Coy  
L1588 Pte Secord, H.P. C Coy  
L7298 Pte Sedore, H. D coy  
H20846 Pte Seed, C.O.    
L2929 Pte Seeley, R.H.    
L2228 Pte Seeseequasis, G.    
L1208 A/L/Cpl Sefton, L.T. C Coy  
L18145 Sgt Seibel, A.    
L1845 A/L/Sgt Seibel, E. A Coy  
L1374 Cpl Seibel, R.G.    
L13120 Pte Seibel, W.A.    
L1210 Sgt Sellers, E.G. B Coy  
L2406 Pte Selvig, L.K.    
L7255 Pte Service, W.C. D Coy  
M20598 Pte Sexsmith, G.A.    
G17938 Pte Seymour, J.H.    
L2463 Pte Seywerd, F.H.    
L1003 Pte Sharp, B. C Coy 1943-12-20
L1062 Pte Sharpe, R.F.W. BHQ  
L2153 Pte Sharrott, M.G.   1972-12-01
L2229 Pte Shatkowsky, W.    
L23021 Pte Shaw, A.L.E.P. A Coy  
L2189 Pte Shaw, R.D.    
L7203 Pte Shaw, T.M. D Coy  
L104174 Pte Shay, R.L.    
L1853 Pte Shayler, G.E. RCE  
L1623 Pte Sheaffer, J.M.    
L1776 Sgt Shearer, A.    
L1795 Sgt Shearer, J.G.    
L1625 Sgt Shearer, W.    
L2462 Pte Shelton, F.H.    
L2461 Pte Shelton, L.    
L1648 Pte Shepley, M.F. HQ Coy  
L1259 Sgt Sheppard, S.W. D Coy  
L2317 Pte Sheridan, D.J.    
L1064 Pte Sherman, J.R. B Coy  
L1678 Pte Sherman, R.E. HQ Coy  
L1717 Pte Sherman, T.H. HQ Coy  
L7064 A/Sgt Sherratt, S. D Coy  
H7300 Pte Shiel, F.G.    
H77300 Pte Shiel, F.G.    
H41145 Pte Shields, W.R.    
L1376 Pte Shiffler, A.H. A Coy  
L1019 A/Cpl Shimek, E.J. BHQ  
L2544 Pte Short, J.W.    
L1325 Pte Showka, D.    
L1465 Pte Shuler, F. HQ Coy  
L2310 Pte Silvester, J.Q.    
L1010 A/Cpl Sim, C.D. BHQ  
L1842 Pte Simmel, N.J. C Coy  
M101993 Pte Simmons, L.J.    
H102975 Pte Simpson, A.F.    
L2510 Sgt Simpson, E.L.    
L1219 L/Cpl Simpson, R. B Coy  
L2972 Pte Simpson, W.J.    
L2309 Pte Sims, N.A.    
L7204 Pte Sinclair, W.J. D Coy  
L13130 Pte Siver, A.J.    
L3043 Pte Skalicky, A.L.    
L2267 Pte Sketchner, T.E.J.    
L1668 Pte Skinner, D.H. HQ Coy  
L1348 Pte Skolrood, M.L. C Coy  
L86514 Pte Slager, P.W.    
L1008 Pte Slater, F.    
L27384 pte Slater, H.T.    
B52244 Pte Sloane, F.L.    
H102641 Pte Sly, R.M.    
L1733 Pte Sly, S.W.    
L1744 Sgt Smalley, J.S. HQ Coy  
L1639 Pte Smart, G.    
L1110 Sgt Smith, A.I. HQ Coy  
A3009 Sgt Smith, B.T.    
H41503 Pte Smith, D.    
H104035 Pte Smith, E.W.    
L1271 Pte Smith, F. A Coy  
L1716 Pte Smith, F.D. HQ Coy  
L1659 Pte Smith, F.R. HQ Coy  
K47961 Pte Smith, G.M.    
L1775 Pte Smith, H.    
L1004 Pte Smith, J.H.    
L1316 Pte Smith, R. A Coy  
L1661 Pte Smith, R.W. HQ Coy  
L1211 PSM Smith, S.C. C Coy  
K57093 Cpl Smith, T.H.    
B51691 Pte Smith, W.C.    
H102367 Pte Smokal, A.    
L1212 Pte Smythe, E.F. C Coy  
L86930 Pte Snell, R.    
L1489 Pte Snider, J.H. B Coy  
L1324 Pte Snow, D.T.    
L1277 Pte Solinger, R.J.G.    
L1821 Pte Solly, N.    
L7068 Pte Solomon, J. D Coy  
L1694 Cpl Sommerfeldt, G.S. A Coy  
B68453 Pte Sorenson, S.T.    
H6971 Pte Sorokowski, S.    
L64658 L/Cpl Sorowski, S.L.    
L2469 Pte Sowik, W.    
L2495 Pte Spani, E.M.A.   1955-01-21
B51698 Pte Spence, K.A.    
L1060 A/Cpl Spence, K.D. HQ Coy  
L2272 Pte Spence, W.J.   1966-12-01
K65022 Pte Spencer, H.R.    
L1372 Pte Sponner, F.H.    
L2093 Pte Sproxton, H.    
L1214 CSM Squires, H.E.    
H102088 Pte St Croix, S.    
L2816 Pte Stabler, W.J.    
L103613 Pte Stacey, K.G.    
L104779 Pte Stacey, M.H.    
L2175 Pte Stahl, E.J.    
L2429 Pte Stainthorpe, H.    
L2087 A/L/Cpl Stang, A.J.    
L2268 Pte Stanley, E.R.    
L2375 Pte Stanley, R.N.    
K46889 Pte Stanley, W.    
L2174 Pte Stanyer, C.J.    
L1729 L/Cpl Stark, E. HQ Coy  
L3028 Pte Stark, J.    
L2342 A/Cpl Starr, T.P. B Coy  
L1477 A/L/Cpl Statham, A.E. D Coy  
L1261 A/Sgt Stayner, P.O. A Coy  
L1698 Pte Steinson, V.E. D Coy  
L1826 Pte Steneel, J.    
K65615 Pte Stephen, L.A.    
L2006 Pte Stephens, A.    
L1089 Pte Stevens, A.J. A Coy  
L1681 Pte Stevens, C.R.    
L2050 Pte Stevens, H.M.    
L1682 Pte Stevens, W.H. HQ Coy  
L2436 Pte Stevenson, A.I.    
L2161 Pt Stevenson, G.T.    
L2437 Pte Stevenson, J.I.    
L2219 Pte Stevenson, S.O.    
B53180 Pte Stewart, C.R.    
L7071 Pte Stewart, D. D Coy  
L1398 Pte Stewart, J.T.    
L1213 Sgt Stewart, L.D. C Coy  
L2171 Pte Stewart, R.    
L13502 Pte Stewart, R.A.    
B118022 Pte Stewart, W.E.M.    
L1685 Pte Stickler, J.C.    
B68445 Pte Stier, R.V.    
L2383 Pte Stinson, O.M.    
L1816 Pte Stockwll, R.E.    
L106240 Pte Stone, G.    
L2942 Pte Stone, T.    
L1097 Pte Stonechild, E.W. A Coy  
L23040 RSM Stoppa, A. A Coy  
L1676 A/Cpl Storey, A.E. HQ Coy  
L1675 A/Sgt Storey, J.A.    
L1447 Pte Stossel, F.C.   1974-01-01
L1331 Pte Stowell, R.K.E. C Coy  
H42253 A/Cpl Strathdee, A.    
L1364 A/CQMS Strawson, H.H.    
L1378 Pte Stride, G.    
A59982 L/Cpl Stride, R.L.    
L2233 Pte Stubbs, E.E.    
L154072 Pte Stubel, E.    
L1383 L/Cpl Sturgeon, E.E. A Coy  
L2689 Pte Sturgeon, F.    
L1667 Pte Sundman, G.E. HQ Coy  
L1459 Pte Sundman, G.T. C Coy  
L1163 Pte Sutherland, G.M. C Coy  
H40611 Pte Sutherland, L.R.    
L2372 Pte Sutherland, P.    
B75356 Pte Swanson, G.W.    
B75354 Pte Swanson, K.A.    
L1474 Pte Sweeney, W. D Coy  
L1024 Pte Sweeney, W.J.    
L12005 Pte Symons, C.C.    
L1145 L/Cpl Symons, J.M. HQ Coy  
L27240 CSM Synder, J.A.    
L107667 Pte Szeponski, F.A.    
L1595 Pte Tadei, F.R.    
L2197 Cpl Taje, M.J.    
L2232 Pte Tanzell, S.F.G.    
L1644 Pte Tardy, T.P.    
B6186 Pte Taul, H. C Coy RCOC  
L2550 Sgt Taylor, A.B.    
L25508 Sgt Taylor, A.B. BHQ  
L2061 Pte Taylor, J.    
L1758 Pte Taylor, J.G.    
D76126 Pte Taylor, P.C.    
L2203 Cpl Taylor, R.W.    
L1241 Pte Taylor, V.H.L.    
L2274 Pte Taylor, W.A.    
A2218 L/Cpl Taylor, W.D.    
L2218 Pte Taylor, W.D.    
L27889 Pte Taylor, W.D.    
B51615 A/Cpl Taylor, W.G.    
L1469 Sgt Taylor, W.H. C Coy  
L1036 Cpl Temple, L.G. A Coy  
L2075 Pte Thain, J.A.    
L1133 Pte Thibault, A.    
L2235 Pte Thibeault, J.F.    
G28830 Pte Thibodeau, D. B Coy RCASC  
L1269 Pte Thibrault, A.    
L1760 Pte Thomas, A.C.    
L1279 Pte Thomas, C.H.    
L2298 Pte Thomas, G.W.    
L2398 Pte Thomas, J.W.    
L1314 Pte Thomas, P.    
L1470 Pte Thomas, W.    
L2263 Pte Thompson, A.H.    
B67605 Cpl Thompson, E.    
L2165 Pte Thompson, E.    
L1610 A/L/Cpl Thompson, F.M. B Coy  
L2405 Pte Thompson, J.    
L1511 Pte Thompson, J.H. B Coy  
L1719 Pte Thompson, R.E. HQ Coy  
L2338 Pte Thompson, R.H.    
L1497 Pte Thomson, H.W.    
L1148 A/Cpl Thomson, J.K. A Coy 1970-12-21
L1645 Pte Thorlakson, H.C. HQ Coy  
L1248 Pte Thorton, W.J.C. D Coy  
L1483 Pte Thunder, J.    
L1301 Pte Tillman, W.A. C Coy  
L1605 Pte Timbrell, A.R.    
H20109 Pte Timlick, K.C.    
L2221 Pte Tokarek, M.    
H102548 Pte Tokarow, A.    
L13798 Pte Tokevich, V.V.    
L1100 A/L/Cpl Tomczek, V. B Coy  
L2034 Pte Tones, A.L.    
L1562 Pte Tooley, R.H. A Coy  
L1366 Pte Torgerson, R.J.L.    
L2236 Pte Toth, M.    
F40911 Pte Townsend, B.W.    
L2486 Pte Townsend, R.G.    
L609334 Pte Trautwein, E.    
L1551 Pte Travers, J. B Coy  
L1545 Pte Trefiak, R. B Coy  
L2863 A/Cpl Trettwer, A.    
L1793 Pte Tribe, F.H. BHQ 1966-12-20
B82985 Pte Trudeau, J.    
L2180 Pte Trudel, L.    
B51824 Pte Tuck, W.N.    
L1278 Pte Turcotte, W.C. C Coy  
L1263 Pte Turnell, R.E. HQ Coy  
L1344 Pte Turnell, W.G.    
L2083 Pte Turner, A.W.    
L2485 Pte Turner, D.    
L2042 Pte Turner, E.    
B41654 Pte Turner, F.V. C Coy  
L2484 Pte Turner, G.G.    
L103005 Pte Turner, G.W. C Coy  
L23030 Pte Turner, L.D. A Coy  
L41090 Cfn Turner, T.A.    
L2092 Pte Turner, W.F.    
L2492 Pte Tweeten, G.W. B Coy  
L2472 Pte Tweeton, B.    
L11141 Pte Tyacke, J.W.    
K1306 A/Cpl Tydeman, T.    
L1306 Pte Tydeman, T. B Coy 1943-07-01
L2340 Pte Tyleer, G.    
L1338 Pte Tyndall, J.B.    
L609291 Pte Ulbright, J.    
L2952 Pte Umperville, C.    
L2141 Pte Upton, G.H.    
L57622 Cpl Upton, M.M.    
L1506 Pte Upton, W.A.    
L23026 Pte Upton, W.T. A Coy  
L12579 Pte Urasaki, D.L.    
L85538 Pte Usher, B.J.    
L7316 L/Cpl Vail, L.D. D Coy  
L2047 Pte Van Dale, H.    
L2365 Pte Van Der Haw,    
L2142 Pte Van Der Leer, W.    
L2522 Pte Van Horne, J.G.    
L2527 Pte Van Os, D.    
H53380 Pte Vanance, E.J.    
L2059 Pte Vandale, A.J.    
L1846 L/Sgt Vandale, J.H. D Coy  
L2230 Pte Vandale, M.E.    
L1118 Pte Vandale, W.   1972-05-26
L1305 Pte Veale, C.A.    
L1747 Pte Veitch, T.A.S.    
L100259 Pte Vennard, E.L.    
L2380 Pte Venne, H.    
L1215 Pte Veres, S.G. C Coy  
L1043 Cpl Vermette, D.J. B Coy  
L2867 Pte Vermette, E.H.   1971-10-22
L1598 A/L/Cpl Vick, T.S. A Coy  
L2554 Pte Vigerot, J.A.    
C100790 Pte Villeneauve, J.G.H.    
L1706 Pte Villeneuve, B.    
L102454 Pte Virtue, R.J.    
L2108 Pte Virtue, T.W.    
L465604 Pte Vogelsang, G.J.    
L2186 A/Cpl Voiken, J.F.    
L1416 Pte Von Oder, H.A.    
B137836 Sedwick W.R.,    
L1433 Cpl Wagar, O.E. D Coy  
L7244 Pte Wagner, A.P. B Coy  
L7249 Pte Wagner, A.P. B Coy  
L2393 Pte Wagner, F.C.    
L1591 Pte Walde, A.E. A Coy  
H1769 Pte Walford, J.W.    
L1274 Pte Walker, A.    
L1838 Pte Walker, C.S. HQ Coy  
L2399 Pte Walker, D.B.    
L1022 Sgt Walker, G.H. BHQ  
L2503 Pte Walker, G.R.    
L2277 Pte Walker, H.E.   1952-01-01
L1767 Pte Walker, H.W. A Coy  
L1011 Pte Walker, J.A.    
L1672 L/Sgt Walker, R.    
L2778 Pte Walker, R.F. C Coy  
L155607 Pte Wallace, D.    
L12695 Pte Wallace, R.A.    
L1552 Pte Walloux, R. C Coy  
L2038 Pte Walshaw, E.V.    
L1855 Pte Walton, J.L. HQ Coy  
L2409 Pte Walton, W.J.    
L1581 Pte Wanner, A.    
M30907 Pte Ward, A.M.    
L2124 Pte Ward, F.H.    
L2955 Pt Ward, J.M.   1969-10-08
D76129 Pte Ward, R.M.    
L1127 Pte Ward, R.V.    
L2561 Pte Warick, F.    
L27899 Sgt Warner, A.E.    
L1425 Cpl Warnes, A.E. D Coy 1944-05-24
L2609 Pte Warr,    
M17267 Pte Warren, D.H.    
B147732 Pte Warren, E.R.    
L1387 Pte Warringer, T.A.T. A Coy  
L2439 Pte Warrington, H.    
L2065 Pte Waruk, J.    
L86792 Pte Wasend, H.    
M42042 Pte Wasylyk, M.    
L1216 Pte Watkins, R.    
L2447 Pte Watson, E.H.    
L2095 Pte Watson, J.    
L1167 Pte Watson, M.    
L2579 Pte Watson, N.    
L2172 Pte Watson, R.    
L2479 Pte Watson, R.W.    
L1017 PSM Watson, T.H. B Coy  
L1810 Pte Watt, G.W. BHQ  
L1059 A/L/Cpl Watts, G.M. HQ Coy 1972-01-06
L1295 Pte Watts, S.J.    
L2176 Pte Waugh, J.G.    
L2453 Pte Waugh, J.W.   1970-07-01
L2531 Pte Way, E.M.    
L1442 A/L/Cpl Waytavich, J. A Coy  
H77190 Pte Weaver, C.E.    
L1840 A/Sgt Webb, D.D. D Coy  
L2431 Pte Webb, W.T.    
L2892 Pte Weikle, H.O.    
L13769 Pte Weinrauch, N.I.    
H41402 L/Cpl Weir, J.C.    
L2296 A/L/Cpl Wells, E.J.H.    
L2187 Pte Wells, L.G.    
L2216 Pte Welsh, A.H.    
I48019 CSM Welsh, D.    
L2907 Pte Wenman, H.J.    
L2350 Pte Wensley, W.E.    
L1307 Pte Werner, J.D. B Coy 1968-03-21
L1460 Pte Westfield, W. C Coy  
L1829 Pte Westman, G.A.    
L1457 Pte Wheeler, G.N.    
L1072 Pte Wheeler, R.C. D Coy  
L64770 Pte Wheeler, W.O.    
L12712 Pte Whigam, R.B.    
L2871 Pte Whitebread, S.G.    
L1831 Pte Whitfield, R. D Coy  
L1611 A/L/Cpl Whitmore, W.J. B Coy  
H41940 Pte Wichart, C.    
L609467 Pte Wick, E.W.    
B75319 Pte Widdifield, R.A.    
L1312 Pte Wiebe, J.R. B Coy  
L2356 Pte Wiker, D.    
L2242 Pte Wiker, E.T.    
L27696 Pte Wikkes, J.J.    
L1462 A/Cpl Wild, H.J. C Coy  
L1359 Pte Wildridge, T. B Coy  
L604252 Pte Wilkesheski, B.    
L1742 L/Cpl Wilkins, E.L. C Coy  
L7215 Pte Wilkins, R.S.    
L2407 Pte Willard, C.R.    
L74760 Pte Willetts, E.C.    
L2015 Pte Williams, A.J.   1972-04-01
M24025 Pte Williams, J.    
L2162 Pte Williams, L.V.    
L1656 Pte Williams, R.P. HQ Coy  
L1236 Pte Williamson, G.T. HQ Coy  
L2257 Pte Williamson, P.I.    
L1137 Pte Willis, R.W.    
C4626 Pte Willman, I.W. A Coy,  
L1397 Pte Willway, P.P.A.    
L1151 Pte Wilsey, J.W.    
L1503 Pte Wilson, H.R. D Coy 1950-03-01
L23045 Pte Wilson, J.A. A Coy  
L1599 Pte Wilson, J.F. HQ Coy  
L1723 Pte Wilson, J.G.    
L1849 Pte Wilson, J.T.    
L2167 Pte Wilson, R.G.    
L155713 Pte Wilson, S.V.    
L1285 Pte Wilson, T.W. A Coy  
L1395 CQMS Winch, C.R. B Coy  
L1606 Cpl Windsor, R.J. B Coy  
H17337 Pte Winters, L.E.    
L2143 Pte Wittoshyski, N.   1943-12-28
L1332 Pte Wolfe, E.G. D Coy  
L1686 Pte Wolfe, P. B Coy  
L1323 Pte Woloschuk, F.V. B Coy  
H20502 Pte Woloshyn, W.    
L2592 Pte Wolsey, T.C.    
L2130 A/L/Cpl Wondga, J.    
L103832 Pte Wood, A.J.    
B52131 Pte Woodcock, G.E.    
L2249 Pte Woodvine, R.   1974-05-08
B68464 Pte Woodyard, H.L.    
L1417 Pte Workman, W.J.    
L2163 Pte Wormworth, J.S.    
L1237 Pte Worthing, S.I.    
L93436 Pte Wray, L.W.    
L2328 Pte Wright, G.    
B53818 Pte Wright, H.F.    
L1153 Pte Wright, K.    
L1018 Pte Wrigley, K.B.    
L67494 Pte Wulff, W.    
L1255 Pte Wyant, A.D. C Coy,RCOC  
M101608 Pte Wychopen, S.    
L1124 Pte Wyllie, J.K. B Coy, RCOC  
L1080 Pte Wyllie, T.M.    
L1146 Pte Wynn, S.D.    
L1708 Pte Yacuk, M. HQ Coy  
H77125 Pte Yeo, A.G. HQ Coy  
L1670 Pte Yonney, W. B Coy  
L7262 L/Cpl Young, C. D Coy  
L1574 Sgt Young, G.M. A Coy  
L1495 Pte Young, J.E.    
L1539 Pte Young, R.   1944-01-16
L1094 Pte Yourk, J.M.    
L100407 Pte Yuremchuk, S.    
L1568 Pte Zacharias, A.J.    
L65720 Pte Zadorozny, W.    
B100578 Pte Zalewski, C. B Coy  
L2464 Pte Zamulinski, J.   1970-12-27
L2123 Pte Ziara, F.    
L1058 Pte Zore, M. A Coy  
L1792 Sgt Zulkosky, M.R. A Coy  

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