Saskatoon Light Infantry

Saskatoon Light Infantry

World War II Diaries - general information

Each war diary is generally comprised of four parts:

1 - Summary of Events and Information (For each day of the month)

2 - Battalion Orders Part I (Initially, very similar to Part II Orders, but with a further Information base in matters of Administration, Protocol, Security and Safety)*

3 - Orders Part II (Lists of names and particulars under headings such as those listed below)*

4 - Field Returns of Officers (Raw data used in compiling Unit Strength)

*Headings found in Daily Orders include the following:

NOTE: Due to the poor quality of some copies, and the number of persons involved in the process of transcription, spelling of names and the assignment of initials has not been standardized. Therefore, when researching Regiment Members, consult also similar and/or alternate spellings as well as other similar initials. In a few instances, also, names are preceded by Rank only, or by Rank and initials. Results can be verified by Serial Number in the actual Diaries.

The name index generally includes Part I and Part II orders (not the summary of events).

Access to the diaries, which includes personal information, is subject to the provisions of federal privacy legislation. Because of this, diary categories (item headings) that would, in connection with a person's name, reveal personal information are not searchable through the name index.

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