1.   Title: Adolphus Tootoosis
Institution: Poundmaker Historical Centre
Fonds/Collection: Poundmaker Cree Nation Photograph Collection
2.   Title: Almighty Voice's Rifle
Institution: Prince Albert Historical Society
Fonds/Collection: PAHS Archives collection
Number of images: 1
3.   Title: Free the North / Gabriel Dumont Armed - Photograph. - [197-].
Institution: University of Saskatchewan Libraries Special Collections
Fonds/Collection: Canadiana Pamphlets Collection
Number of images: 1
4.   Title: Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples: Opening Remarks by Alma Ransom, Grand Chief Mike Mitchell and students, Akwesasne Mohawk School, Cornwall Island, Ontario
Institution: University of Saskatchewan Archives
Fonds/Collection: Native Law Centre fonds
Number of images: 21