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Historical noteLoyal Till Death: Indians and the North West Rebellion was co-authored with Professor Blair Stonechild, head of Indigenous Studies at the First Nations University of Canada. The book was praised for its sensitivity in telling the stories of Indians during this turbulent time. It won a 1997 Saskatchewan Book Award for First Peoples Publishing and was a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award for non-fiction.
Scope and contentThe file contains various documents compiled by Dr. Waiser during the research and writing of "Loyal Till Death:Indians and the Northwest Rebellion" (1997). These include: handwritten research notes on recipe cards (presumably by Dr. Waiser) from the Canada Sessional Papers and secondary sources; a photocopied excerpt from an unidentified book discussing the "siege of Battleford" in 1885, and the role of Colonel Otter's column in the events there; a copy of a letter from J.B. Lash to the Indian Commissioner in Regina (1885); copies of two documents from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives in Winnipeg one of which discusses the occupation of Fort Carlton by Riel's forces under Albert Monkman after the Battle of Duck Lake, and William McKay attributes the burning of the back buildings to Joe Wolf of Muskeg Lake, the other document discussing how goods were distributed to "loyal Indians" so that the "rebels" could not capture them; a photocopy of Appendix C: Population of Metis Wintering at the St-Laurent-de-Grandin Mission 31 December 1871, possibly from Diane Payment's "The Free People," with the name of Alexandre Cadieux highlighted; a copy of a document from the Hudson's Bay Archives by Lawrence Clarke describing some of his actions distributing blankets and tea to "loyal Indians North of Carlton" during the 1885 uprising; a copy of a letter from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives by Philip Tuner discussing refugees at Fort a la Corne and the visit of three rebel scouts to the area who drove away cattle during the uprising of 1885; a copy of a letter from Lawrence Vankoughnet to John Stevens (March 1885); a printed copy of correspondence from Jim Miller to Bill Waiser giving Dr. Miller's thoughts on a draft of chapter four of "Loyal Till Death"; a photocopy of letters from Hayter Reed to Edgar Dewdney discussing Indian Affairs in the Nortwest Territories (1883-1884); a copy of a letter with research notes attached stating that it suggests "sending a few friendly chiefs and warriors west to talk to Indians about fairness of government and solutions for redress"; a copy of a letter from Edgar Dewdney to John A. Macdonald with Professor Waiser's notes on the appointment of Michel Dumas as a farm instructor from other sources attached; a photocopy of "Lettre aux Metis Anglais et Francais de la Riviere Bataille du Fort Pitt et des environs" from the "Collected Writings of Louis Riel" v. 3; a copy of a memorandum (presumably from some government source) discussing the text of original commemorative markers at 1885 battlesites; a copy of a letter from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives discussing refugees at Fort a la Corne during the 1885 uprising; a copy of a statement by Charles Young, formerly of the Prince Albert Volunteers of events at Fort Carlton in 1885 from the Hudson's Bay Company Archives; a copy of a letter from the National Archives (RG10 Volume 3584, File 1130 pt.3A) discussing events during the 1885 uprising in the Prince Albert-Carlton areas; a copy of a letter from John A. Macdonald to Edgar Dewdney which raises the idea of pitting the Blackfoot against the Cree (March 1885); a copy of telegrams to A.E. Forget from T.C. Down, and from A.E. Forget to Edgar Dewdney (March 1885); copies of letters from Louis Cochine regarding Chiefs; a copy of a letter by Louis Riel addressed to "Dear Relatives" (1885) from the National Archives (RG10 Volume 3584 File 1130 Pt.3A); a photocopy of the letter "To the English Half Breed of St. Andrew's and St. Catherine" by Louis Riel from the "Collected Writings of Louis Riel" V.3 ed. Flanagan; two pages of an unidentified French book with a handwritten translation (presumably by Dr. Waiser) which discusses Big Bear and his actions; a photocopy of pgs 233-235 from the "Collected Writings of Louis Riel" ed. Flanagan, v. 2 with footnotes highlighted; a copy of a telegram to the Commissioner by Leif Crozier discussing rumours of "Indians being tampered with" and suggesting "arrests may be made neccessary to prevent further and continuous trouble from Riel and followers" (March 18, 1885); handwritten research notes on events leading up to and during the Battle of Duck Lake on recipe cards (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a copy of a letter from D.H. MacDowall of Prince Albert to Edgar Dewdney regarding Louis Riel and discussing the possibilities "should an Indian outbreak by stirred" (Jan 14, 1885); a copy of a letter from Edgar Dewdney to John A. Macdonald regarding the situation in the Northwest Territories (Feb 4, 1885); a copy of a letter to John A. Macdonald by Edgar Dewdney describing "Indian matters in the North-West" as being "quiet" during February of 1885 (Feb 2, 1885); copies of two letters between officials in the Department of Indian Affairs during March and April of 1885 discussing happenings in the Treaty Four area (RG10 Volume 3709, File 19 550-51).
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Provenance Access PointWaiser, William Andrew, 1953 - . (historian)
PlaceFort a la Corne, Saskatchewan, Canada
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Treaty boundariesTreaty 4
Treaty 6
Canada -- National
Cultural regionPlains
Canada -- National
NamesCadieux, Alexandre
Clarke, Lawrence, 1832-1890 (HBC Factor, MLA)
Cochin, Louis (Oblate priest)
Dewdney, Edgar, 1835-1916 (MP, Minister)
Forget, Amedee Emanuel, 1847-1923
MacDowall, Day Hort, 1850-1927 (MP)
Monkman, Albert
Riel, Louis, 1844-1885
Vankoughnet, Lawrence
Waiser, William Andrew (Bill)
Wolf, Joe
Young, Charles
SubjectGovernment policy
Northwest Resistance
Community Histories
Government officials
Government departments -- Indian Affairs
Metis -- History
Indigenous Relations
Indigenous Peoples General
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Government - Territorial
Date Range(s)1880-1889
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