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Historical noteLoyal Till Death: Indians and the North West Rebellion was co-authored with Professor Blair Stonechild, head of Indigenous Studies at the First Nations University of Canada. The book was praised for its sensitivity in telling the stories of Indians during this turbulent time. It won a 1997 Saskatchewan Book Award for First Peoples Publishing and was a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award for non-fiction.
Scope and contentThe file contains various documents compiled by Dr. Waiser during the research and writing of "Loyal Till Death:Indians and the Northwest Rebellion" (1997). These include: a copy of pgs 282-283 from "Telegrams of the North-West Campaign, 1885" ed. Desmond Morton; research copies from the Saskatchewan Archives Board of papers from the Sir John A. Macdonald Papers Volume 107 dealing with Poundmaker and his people; handwritten research notes on a recipe card (presumably by Dr. Waiser) discussing the murder of Barney Tremont; an unidentified page of a manuscript with notes in the margins (perhaps from an early draft of "Loyal Till Death"); a copy of a letter from the National Archives (RG10 Vol.3584 f.1130 Pt. 1A) discussing the Battle of Cut Knife; a journal entry of Louis Riel's with a highlighted passage from the Collected Writings of Louis Riel, ed. Flanagan v.3?; a copy of correspondence between Sakej Henderson and Blair Stonechild on the legal issues related to having Chief Poundmaker posthumously pardoned for Treason Felony; copy of a piece of correspondence from Jim Miller to Bill Waiser suggesting edits with regard to a rough draft of Chapter 7 of "Loyal Till Death"; a copy of the alleged letter from Poundmaker to Louis Riel from Canada, Sessional Papers, 1886, No.52, "Queen vs. Poundmaker"; a copy of an article from the National Archives entitled "The Comedy of the Cairns: The 'Sack' of Battelford - It was the other town - Poundmaker and Big Bear were Scapegoats" by H.A. Kennedy criticizing historical commemoration of the events of 1885 (presumably in the early 1900s? RG84 v.1379 f.HS-10-3, v.1, pt1); a copy of pages 76-81 from the Collected Writings of Louis Riel, ed. Flanagan, v.3; a copy of an article of unknown origin entitled "Of Myth...Legend...and Fact" by John Cuthand discussing the history of the Cree people; a handrawn sketch of what is presumably the Cut Knife Battlesite showing the various camps invovled, a creek and a hill (Cut Knife Hill?); a copied transcript of proceedings at Cut Knife Hill on July 26, 1935 with testimony from various witnesses to the 1885 Battle from the Campbell Innes papers at the Saskatchewan Archives Board; a copy of an article entitled "Cut Knife Hill Battle Saw Indians Give Pasting to White Soldiers" from the Saskatoon Star Phoenix (Oct 24, 1952); a copy of two articles from an unidentified issue of Saskatchewan Indian entitled "Joseph Bighead Commemorates Treaty Six Signing" by Gloria Ledoux, and "Misatimwas" by Stan Cuthand discussing the Plains Crees experience with smallpox; a copy of various correspondence and articles compiled together relating to the commemoration of the Cut Knife battlefield from the National Archives (RG84 Vol.1381 f. HS-10-3-4 #1); a copy of a private letter from General Middleton(?) to Edgar Dewdney regarding Colonel Otter's attack at Cut Knife (May 3, 1885); a copy of the article "The North-West Rebellion, 1885 A Memoir by Colour Sergeant (Later General) C.F. Winters" from Saskatchewan History (1982 35#1:pgs1-16); a copy of a letter from Sg'd Charles F. Winter discussing the placing of a memorial plaque to commemorate the Battle of Cut Knife with one Judge Howay on May 19, 1930 from the National Archives (RG84 V.1381, HS10-3-4, #2); a copy of an article entitled "Battleford During the Rebellion of 1885" from Saskatchewan History (issue information not given); a copies of pgs 97, 147, 154, and 249 from "Telegrams of the North-West Campaign, 1885" ed. Desmond Morton; copy of a page from The Collected Writings of Louis Riel, ed. Flanagan p.413 (v.3?) with footnote discussing Riel's messenger Jai-ki-kum or Boss Bull highlighted; several pages of research notes on lined paper and recipe cards (presumably by Dr. Waiser) discussing secondary and primary source material related to events in the Cut Knife-Battleford region during 1885; copies of 3 letters from the National Archives related to the 1885 uprising in the Battleford-Cut Knife region (RG10, Vol. 3709 File 19, 550-1 and RG10 Vol. 3584, File 1130 Pt.1); and a copy of Western people (A supplement to the Western Producer) entitled "North West at war People and places of the 1885 Rebellion" (March 21, 1985).
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Primary MediaTextual documents
Provenance Access PointWaiser, William Andrew, 1953 - . (historian)
PlaceBattleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Treaty boundariesTreaty 4
Treaty 6
Canada -- National
Cultural regionPlains
Canada -- National
NamesFine Day (Chief)
Jobin, Joseph
Little Poplar
Mosquito (Chief)
Myew (Chief)
Otter, William Dillon, 1843-1929
Poundmaker ** [pihtikowa-nahapçwiyin / pihtikwân-ayapîwîyan
Thomas, John
Tremont, Barney
Waiser, William Andrew (Bill)
Winter, Charles F.
SubjectNorthwest Resistance
Community Histories
Indigenous Relations
Government policy
Government officials
Armed Forces
Metis -- History
Cree - Plains
Nakoda (Stoney)
Date Range(s)1880-1889
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