Waiser - Saskatchewan: a New History - Aboriginal People to 1914

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Date of creation199?
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Historical noteDr. Waiser recieved provincial and university funding to write a new provincial history to coincide with the Provincial Centennial in 2005. The book was aimed at appealing to a popular audience while offering graduate students experience in historical research. When completed it was presented as a gift to the province from the University of Saskatchewan.
Scope and contentThe file contains working files for the book Saskatchewan: a new history, specifically dealing with Aboriginal People to 1914. Included are: handwritten research notes entitled "Brief Histories of Saskatchewan Treaties (Besides No. 10)" (presumably by Dr. Waiser); handwritten research notes entitled "Different Aboriginal Cultural Groups in Saskatchewan" (presumably by Dr. Waiser); handwritten research notes on Katherine Pettipas' "Severing the Ties that Bind: Government Repression of Indigenous Religious Ceremonies on the Prairies"; handwritten research notes on Maureen Lux's "Medicine that Walks: Disease, Medicine and Canadian Plains Native People, 1880-1940"; handwritten research notes on Jim Miller's "Shingewauk's Vision"; handwritten research notes entitled "Population of Indian Reserves in Saskatchewan"; handwritten research notes from Ned Powers "Personal Best: The History of Track and Field in Saskatchewan" discussing Paul Acoose (Qu'Appelle) and Alex Decoteau (Red Pheasant First Nation), early track and field meets in the 1870s and 1880s at NWMP posts; handwritten research notes from the Canada Sessional Papers on Aboriginal Peoples in Saskatchewan 1905-18; handwritten research notes entitled "Metis Scrip Trips"; handwritten research notes on census data from the early 1900s on Saskatchewan Metis populations; an article by David Lee from Saskatchewan History entitled "Foremost Man, and his Band" about Chief Nekaneet; a map of Saskatchewan reserves from the Atlas of Saskatchewan (1969); a copy of the article entitled "Disputing the Medicine Line: The Plains Crees and the Canadian-American Border. 1876-1885" by Michel Hogue and originally appearing in Montana: The Magazine of Western History (Vol. 52, no.4, 2002, p.2-17); a copy of pg. xvii from Canada Sessional Paper no.17a entitled "Census of Population and Agriculture of the Northwest Provinces 1906"; a copy of a news article entitled "Halfbreed Commission at Fort Qu'Appelle" from the Regina Leader Post (June 21, 1900, p.8); a copy of the Parks Canada agenda paper entitled "James Isbister" by David Smyth (1996); a copy of the Annual Report of the Department of Indian Affairs for the year Ended 31 March 1913 from the Canada Sessional Papers, 1914; a copy of "Index to Material Relating to Saskatchewan Indian Reserves in Annual Reports of Department of Indian Affairs, 1900-1973" by the Saskatchewan Archives Board (1975); a copy of a Parks Canada report entitled "From Wood Mountain to the Whitemud: A Historical Survey of the Grasslands National Park Area" (1983); a copy of pgs 60-62 from the Atlas of Saskatchewan (1999) on the subject of Band Economies in Saskatchewan, and historic Metis Scrip Commissions in Saskatchewan; a copy of email correspondence (2003) between Nathan Sinclair Elliott and Bill Waiser on the subject of "Dief. and Dumont" discussing Diefenbaker's meeting Gabriel Dumont in his youth; a copy of a Microfilm Reel from the National Archives (#C10180 RG10 v.4053 file 319,703).
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Specific document typesArticles
Field notes
Provenance Access PointWaiser, William Andrew, 1953 - . (historian)
PlaceCypress Hills, Saskatchewan, Canada
Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada
Wood Mountain, Saskatchewan, Canada
Treaty boundariesTreaty 4
Canada -- National
Cultural regionPlains
Canada -- National
NamesCrooked Legs (Chief)
Diefenbaker, John George, 1895-1979 (Prime Minister)
Dumont, Gabriel, 1837-1906
Hogue, Michel
Lee, David
Nekaneet (Chief), d.1897
Nekaneet Cree Nation
O'Soup, Louis
Waiser, William Andrew (Bill)
SubjectIndigenous Peoples General
Indigenous Relations
Community Histories
Treaty -- Treaty 4
Treaty -- Treaty 6
Treaty -- Treaty 10
Government policy
Lakota (Sioux)
Dakota (Sioux)
Date Range(s)1990-1999
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