Waiser - Saskatchewan: a New History - Treaty 10

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Historical noteDr. Waiser recieved provincial and university funding to write a new provincial history to coincide with the Provincial Centennial in 2005. The book was aimed at appealing to a popular audience while offering graduate students experience in historical research. When completed it was presented as a gift to the province from the University of Saskatchewan.
Scope and contentThe file contains working files for the book Saskatchewan: a new history, specifically dealing with Treaty 10. The file contains a series of handwritten notes entitled "Circumstances behind Treaty" (presumably by Dr. Waiser) on recipe cards; two charts entitled "Trade Routes: Settlement Period" and "Trade Routes: Fur Trade Period"; a copy of Dictionary of Canadian Biography entry for James Andrew Joseph McKenna (vol.XIV, 1911 to 1920); a copy of "Treaty Research Report: Treaty Ten (1906)" by Kenneth Coates and William R. Morrison (Ottawa:Treaties and Historical Research Centre, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 1986); a copy of "Treaty No.10 and Reports of Commissioners" (reprinted from the edition of 1907 by Roger Duhamel, F.R.S.C. Ottawa: Queen's Printer, 1966); a copy of "Yesterday's Promises: The Negotiation of Treaty Ten" from Saskatchewan History (vol.50, no.1, Spring 1998); a series of research notes on recipe cards (presumably by Dr. Waiser) entitled "Concerns of First Nations (what they wanted and what they got)"; a series of research notes on recipe cards entitled "Key Features of Treaty 10" (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a copy of an excerpt from a PhD Thesis entitled "In Whose Interest?:Government-Indian Relations in Northern Saskatchewan and Wisconsin, 1900-1940" by Anthony G. Gulig (University of Saskatchewan, 1997); a series of research notes on recipe cards entitled "Metis Scrip" (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a series of research notes on recipe cards entitled "Treaty Commissioners for Treaty 10" (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a series of research notes on recipe cards entitled "Circumstances Behind Treaty" (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a series of research notes on recipe cards entitled "Unusual Stories and Interesting Tibits" (presumably by Dr. Waiser); Chapter Eleven on Treaty Ten from "Bounty and Benevolence:a History of Saskatchewan Treaties" by Arthur J. Ray, Jim Miller, and Frank Tough (Montreal and Kingston: McGill-Queen's University Press, 2000); a series of research notes on recipe cards entitled "Personal Data on Treaty 10 Chiefs" (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a copy of excerpts from the "Census of Population and Agriculture of the Northwest Provinces Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta."
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Field notes
Provenance Access PointWaiser, William Andrew, 1953 - . (historian)
PlaceIle a la Crosse, Saskatchewan, Canada
Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, Canada
Treaty boundariesTreaty 10
Canada -- National
Cultural regionSubarctic
Canada -- National
NamesApisis, William (Chief)
Bedshidekkge, Raphael (Chief)
Benaouni, Thomas (Chief)
Borthwick, Thomas
Casimir, Peter (Chief)
Iron, John (Chief)
McKenna, James Andrew Joseph, 1862-1919
Waiser, William Andrew (Bill)
SubjectTreaty -- Treaty 10
Government policy
Government -- federal
Government officials
Community Histories
Hudson's Bay Company
Hunting and Trapping
Missions and Missionaries
Cree - Woodland
Date Range(s)1990-1999
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