Indian Affairs - Manitoba- St. Peters Reserve

Database ID24101
InstitutionUniversity of Saskatchewan Diefenbaker Archival Collections
Fonds/CollectionJohn G. Diefenbaker fonds
SeriesSeries III - 1940-1956
File/Item ReferenceSeries III - 1940-1956-691 (Vol. 57)
Date of creation1951
Physical description/extent1 folder; 4 pages
Number of images1
Scope and contentCorrespondence with Chief Sinclair of St. Peter's Reserve concerning his band's claim against Indian Affairs officials stemming from the St. Peter's surrender of 1907.
Primary MediaTextual documents
Specific document typesCorrespondence
Provenance Access PointDiefenbaker, John G., 1895-1979
PlaceHodgson, Manitoba, Canada
Treaty boundariesTreaty 5
Cultural regionSubarctic
Government departments -- Indian Affairs
Law and Legislation -- Acts -- Indian Act
Date Range(s)1950-1959
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