Waiser - Loyal Till Death:Indians and the Northwest Rebellion - Pre-1885

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Historical noteLoyal Till Death: Indians and the North West Rebellion was co-authored with Professor Blair Stonechild, head of Indigenous Studies at the First Nations University of Canada. The book was praised for its sensitivity in telling the stories of Indians during this turbulent time. It won a 1997 Saskatchewan Book Award for First Peoples Publishing and was a finalist for the Governor General's Literary Award for non-fiction.
Scope and contentThe file contains various documents compiled by Dr. Waiser during the research and writing of "Loyal Till Death:Indians and the Northwest Rebellion" (1997). These include: handwritten research notes on a recipe card regarding Chief Piapot (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a typed article entitled "Duck Lake Detachment of the North West Mounted Police" by Harry A. Tatro (1961) from the National Archives of Canada (RG84 Volume 1383 File HS-10-3-11); a copy of a handwritten letter from Hudson's Bay Company Factor William McKay at Fort Pitt to Richard Hardisty at Edmonton House written on August 28th, 1874 from the Glenbow Archives (Richard Hardisty Fonds, M477f.96#549); various research notes on secondary sources written on recipe cards (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a copy of Chapter Fourteen Treaty No. Six from Peter Erasmus' book "Buffalo Days and Nights"; a copy of a telegraph sent to Sir John A. Macdonald announcing a supposed "Indian uprising...said to be general that Blackfeet have Joined Movement" from one Tupper [Charles?] (1880); a copy of a handwritten letter from one DL Macpherson (?) to Edgar Dewdney dated August 22, 1880; a copy of the Auditor General's Report for the Year ended 30th June, 1883 from the Canada Sessional Papers (No. 6), 1884; a copy of a handwritten private letter thanking Edgar Dewdney for reducing Indian expenses (by John A. Macdonald?) (1883); a photocopy of an open letter from the Edmonton Bulletin 3 February, 1883, p. 3, highlighting Treaty grievances by Chiefs Bob Tail, Samson, Ermine Skin, Woodpecker, Maminonatan, Agowastin, Siwiyawiges, Iron Head, and William; a photocopy of a handwritten letter to Edgar Dewdney, with the label "starvation policy" written in by a researcher, authorship uncertain (1882); a photocopy of a letter with the label "tense situation" written in by a researcher, authored by one F. White describing the worsening of the situation in the Northwest Territories and discussing the possibility of insurrection (1884); a copy of a letter to Mr. Vanukoughnet of Indian Affairs (authorship uncertain) discussing Indian Policy in the NWT (1884); a copy of a letter by John A. Macdonald to Edgar Dewdney discussing increasing the size of police forces in the West (1884); a copy of a letter from Judge Charles Rouleau of Battleford NWT discussing Indian policy sent to Edgar Dewdney (1884); a copy of a confidential letter from Superintendant Leif Crozier of the NWMP at Battleford discussing the dissatisfaction of Chiefs Mistawasis and Atahkakoop with their Indian Agent, Crozier's belief that their complaints are valid, and the destitute state of the Indians of the Carlton area, to an unidentified NWMP official (1884); a letter from Indian Agent Macrae to Edgar Dewdney attributing "the unfriendliness of the Indians" to the "pursuit of economical measures" (Jan. 1885); a photocopy of a letter from John A. Macdonald to Edgar Dewdney suggesting the arrest of Indian leaders (Feb. 1885); a photocopy of a private letter from Lawrence Vankoughnet to Edgar Dewdney complaining of Indians recieving rations without working (1884); a photocopy of a private letter from Lawrence Vankoughnet to Edgar Dewdney stating that Indian Agent McCrae has "made himself obnoxious" and discussing the aftermath of the 1885 uprising (July 1885); a photocopy of a letter from Indian Agent J.A. Maccrae to the Indian Commissioner at Regina(1884); various handwritten research notes on recipe cards and note paper dealing with secondary sources (presumably by Dr. Waiser); a photocopy of a letter from Leif Crozier to Ottawa discussing the arrival of Riel in the Saskatchewan District, his holding of meetings at Duck Lake and Prince Albert, and the possible implications with the Indian population (July 1884).
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Specific document typesArticles
Field notes
Provenance Access PointWaiser, William Andrew, 1953 - . (historian)
PlaceBattleford, Saskatchewan, Canada
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Treaty boundariesTreaty 6
Canada -- National
Cultural regionPlains
Canada -- National
NamesBeardy ** [kâ-mîyastowçsit
Big Bear, ca. 1828-1889 (Chief)
Crozier, Leif Newry Fitzroy, 1849-1901 (Superintendent)
Dewdney, Edgar, 1835-1916 (MP, Minister)
Hardisty, Richard
Little Pine
Macdonald, John A., 1815-1891 (Prime Minister)
Macrae, J. A.
McKay, William
Piapot, 1816-1908 (Chief)
Riel, Louis, 1844-1885
Waiser, William Andrew (Bill)
SubjectGovernment officials
Government policy
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Government departments -- Indian Affairs
Indigenous Relations
Indigenous Peoples General
Community Histories
Treaty -- Treaty 6
Government - Territorial
Date Range(s)1880-1889
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