8. More Examples (Table of Contents)

8.1 Fonds-level descriptions (Table of Contents)

(The following fonds-level descriptions were taken from the UBC Archives on-line catalogue and the British Columbia Automated Union List (BCAUL). Presentation of the descriptions have occasionally been altered to provide examples of different ways of putting them together. For an example of a larger, more complex fonds- and series-level description, see Section 8.2.)

Charles H. Tupper fonds. - 1870-1926. -- 4 m of textual records.

Born in Amherst, Nova Scotia, Charles H. Tupper became a lawyer. He entered politics in 1882, representing Pictou in the House of Commons. He served as Minister of Marine and Fisheries (1888-1894) and later became Minister of Justice. In 1892 Tupper became an agent for Great Britain in the Bering Sea fishing question, and for his services in this capacity, he was honoured as K.C.M.G. in 1893. He later moved to Vancouver to practice law and was active in the Provincial Party of British Columbia.

The fonds consists of correspondence (1876-1926), subject files (1889-1925) and scrapbooks (1870-1923). The fonds reflects Tupper's interest in politics and public affairs.

Title: Transportation Employees Canadian Union fonds.
Dates: 1929-1981.
Extent: 80 cm of textual records.
2 maps.

Administrative History: The Transportation Employees Canadian Union traces its roots to the Brotherhood of Railway Running Trades Union which was registered in 1959 but changed its name to the T.E.C.U. in 1971. The Union unsuccessfully sought to represent the members of all the running trades of the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Railways. Its first president, Leslie N. Falle, attempted to separate the union from international control and to bring the existing 17 unions under a single charter. When it failed in that goal, the union ceased operations in the 1970s.

Scope and Content: The fonds consists of copies of constitutions, financial records, minute books, note books, correspondence and maps pertaining to the formation and subsequent activities of the Union. Lists of members, names of executives, dues statements, labour legislation, benefit plans, membership applications, applications to represent groups of workers and to void agreements, manuals, pamphlets, newsletters, agreements, etc., are included among the material.

Vancouver Council of Women fonds. - 1901-1987. -- 4.1 m of textual records. -- 9 photographs.

Administrative History: In 1889 delegates from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Denmark, Finland and India met in Washington, D.C. to establish the International Council of Women to promote women's rights around the world. In Canada, Councils were established on the national, provincial and local levels. The Vancouver Council of Women was founded in 1894. The goals of the Councils of Women have been the promotion of social reforms affecting women and children and the general living standards for society as a whole through the presentation of briefs, recommendations and resolutions to government bodies at all levels.

Scope and Content: The fonds consists of correspondence, minutes, scrapbooks, subject files, reports, briefs, lists, printed material and photographs pertaining to the activities of the Vancouver Council and of the Provincial and National Councils of Women.

(The following is not a fonds, but an artificial collection brought together consciously by an individual or organization to document a certain subject, event, etc. The principle distinction is that fonds accumulate as a result of daily business while collections are consciously amassed.)

Title: Angus MacInnis memorial collection.
Dates: 1963-1970.
Extent: 25.7 m of textual records. -- 141 photographs. -- 9 maps.

Biographical Sketch: Angus MacInnis was employed as a conductor and motorman for the B.C. Electric Railway shortly after his arrival in Vancouver in 1908. An interest in the trade union movement led him to become business agent for the Amalgamated Association of Street, Electrical Railway and Motor Coach Employees of America, Division 101. Politically active on both the local and national scene, he was elected M.P. for Vancouver South for the Independent Labour Party in 1930 and he served the same constituency as a member of the C.C.F. (1935-1957). MacInnis was Deputy National Leader of the C.C.F. from 1942 to 1957.

Scope and Content: The collection consists of records of the provincial office of the Cooperative Commonwealth Federation and general research material pertaining to socialism and the labour movement. It consists of minutes, scrapbooks, office correspondence and files relating to party organization and records of committees, C.C.F. clubs, constituencies, federal ridings and election. The collection also includes records generated by Arthur Turner as C.C.F. Whip and Arnold Webster as a provincial party leader. Subject files pertaining to early socialists and clippings about international affairs were created by Dorothy Steeves. Subsequent accessions added to the collection have included the fonds of Angus MacInnis, Francis McKenzie and former provincial leader Ernest Winch.

P.S. Bonney fonds. - 1913-1974; predominant 1931-1974. -- 26 cm of textual records. -- 40 photographs. -- 50 maps.

P.S. Bonney was a forestry engineer who was involved in the Alcan, B.C. Project.

The fonds consists of a B.C. Forest Branch report (1913) and photographs and maps relating to the development of Kitimat as part of the Alcan, B.C. Project.

Title: German Consulate fonds.
Dates: 1909-1939.
Extent: 1.6 m of textual records.
Bio/Admin Hist: The office of the German Consulate General was established in Montreal, Quebec in 1909. In 1937 the office was moved to Ottawa, but a German consulate remained in Montreal to handle commercial matters.
Scope/Content: The fonds consists of the correspondence, reports, and memoranda (1935-1939) of the Consul General. Also included are Montreal office papers dating from 1919 and a few original documents from the Vancouver Consulate (1909-1911).

Title: Free Methodist church, Alberta conference fonds.
Dates: 1875 - 1970 ; predominant 1905-1961.
Extent: 37.5 cm of textual records.
5 audio cassettes.
Bio/Admin hist: In 1905, following a plea made at the Western Ontario Conference in Sarnia, Reverend O.L. King was appointed elder of the first Free Methodist Society in Alberta, organized in Hurry (now Bruce), Alberta. He ministered to several Free Methodist families, principally from Ontario and Michigan, USA, who had homesteaded in Alberta. In 1906 a Western Canadian Conference was organized in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Since that time the church has continued to grow and has several congregations throughout Alberta.
Scope/Content: Fonds consists of minute books of the Alberta conferences, the Calgary circuit, the Northern district quarterly conferences, the Armada Free Methodist Church and the Calgary Women's Missionary Society; recorded interviews, correspondence and a manuscript regarding the history of the Free Methodist church in Alberta; and registers and Sunday school records of the Calgary Free Methodist Church. Includes biographical notes about Free Methodist preachers: Louis Freitag, Roland Haight, William H. Haight, and F.B. Lewis.

William Gano fonds. -- [ca. 1920-1925]. -- 65 photoprints. -- 27 photonegatives.

Biographical Sketch: William Gano, 1869-1951, was born in Illinois, USA, and raised in Washta, Iowa. He homesteaded near his brothers Ed, Frank and John near Wainwright, Alberta. He and his wife, Alice, had two children, Flossie (Robinson) and Harley.

Scope and Content: Fonds consists of photos of the Wainwright area, including the buffalo park, oil wells, buildings, a local movie entitled "Last Frontier", Frank's ranch, IODE, and street scenes.

Title: George Ryga & Associates fonds.
Dates: 1932 - 1990.
Extent: 1.7 m of textual records and other material.

Administrative History: Literary agency for George Ryga. Established in 1976 as Ryga & Associates. Changed name to George Ryga & Associates in 1990. Continues to act on behalf of G. Ryga's literary estate.

Scope and Content: Fonds consists the following series: personal correspondence (1970-1988); business correspondence (1964-1990); manuscript (1960-1990); published works (1949-1988); audio visual (1932-1990); works by other authors (1956-1988); and miscellaneous (1975-1989).

8.2 A multiple-media fonds- and series-level description (Table of Contents)

(This is a much longer and more complex description than those listed previously, which were written for a computer database and in many cases form only a synopsis of a larger inventory. It is up to the archivist and the institution to decide how much detail it will be necessary to include in a description.)

Title: Tugaske Oil and Gas Survey Company fonds [textual, graphic, cartographic records].
Dates: 1905-1985 ; predominant 1945-1985.
Extent: 10 m of textual records. -- ca. 500 photographs : b&w and col. ; 40 x 50 cm or smaller. -- 250 maps : col., some mss. ; 100 cm x 90 cm. or smaller.

Administrative History: Established in 1940 as Tugaske Surveys Ltd, it was originally involved in contract surveying for roadways in various southwestern Saskatchewan municipalities. In 1943 it expanded its operations into the field of mineral exploration with the purchase of the assets of Miller and Sons, a small geological exploration company based in Moose Jaw. Following a merger with the oil and gas exploration firm of Smith Brothers in 1972 the company entered the field of petroleum exploration, renaming itself the Tugaske Oil and Gas Survey Company. Except for some minor speculation in mineral rights holdings, it concentrated primarily on providing exploration and survey services under contract to out-of-province drilling firms. Its activities continue to be concentrated in southwestern Saskatchewan and parts of southern Alberta. Organized as a family business, most of its employees were members of the James MacKay family of Tugaske. No formal administrative divisions existed within the company although there was a tendency for staff to specialize according to their backgrounds roughly into two areas: field services (the geologists and surveyors) and administration (mostly sales, staff support, etc.). In 1980 it opened an office in Lethbridge, Alberta, which closed in 1983. Although registered as the Tugaske Oil and Gas Survey Company, it was known colloquially as Tugaske Surveys. James MacKay, Sr., founded the company and was chief executive officer until his death in 1982, when he was succeeded by his eldest son, James Jr.

Custodial History: Records were maintained on-site until 1982 when the first group of records was donated to the Tugaske Community College Archives. Further accessions occurred in 1987 and 1992. Correspondence and aerial photographs originally belonging to Miller and Sons and taken between [ca.1920] - 1930 were lost prior to 1943 and not discovered until 1992 when they were found in the basement of the late Mrs. Edda Smith, a long-time Tugaske resident. How they came to be in her possession is not known.

Scope and Content: Fonds consists of correspondence, survey data and reports, maps, aerial photographs, and other records relating to the firm's survey and exploration activities, as well as correspondence, legal documents and other records relating to the ownership of property and mineral resources, and records - including photographs - relating to day-to-day administration of the company. Fonds consists of the following series:

1. Survey and exploration case files
2. Property and legal records
3. Administrative records

Source of supplied title: Title based on provenance of the records.

Immediate Source of Acquisition: Records donated by Sarah Jones, grand-daughter of Mrs. Edda Smith, June 2, 1992. Relationship of donor to material is unknown.

Arrangement: Records belonging to Miller and Sons and Smith Bros. were integrated into the fonds as part of the mergers of those companies. At some point in their custodial history an attempt was made to disassemble these records. Original order was reconstituted by archivists and the "missing" Miller and Sons records interfiled according to the original arrangement.

Restrictions on access: See series level descriptions.

Accruals: Accruals occur at irregular intervals. Further accruals are expected.

Related records in other fonds: Related records may be found in the James McKay Family fonds.

Finding Aid: File list available

(This is the description of a series from that fonds. Note "linking" element.)

Fonds: Tugaske Oil and Gas Survey Co.
Series: Survey and exploration case files [textual, graphic, cartographic records]
Dates: 1915 - 1985 ; predominant 1945-1985
Extent: 6 m. of textual records. -- ca. 450 photographs : b&w and col. ; 40 x 50 cm and 20 x 25 cm. -- 250 maps : col., most mss. ; 100 cm x 90 cm. or smaller.

Custodial History: Records created by field officers were maintained in the central office in Tugaske as part of the company's normal record-keeping regimen. Records created at the Lethbridge office were transferred to Tugaske after it closed in 1982.

Scope and content: Series consists of case files relating to survey and exploration operations including photos, maps, correspondence between the company and its customers, field operative correspondence, survey data and reports, contracts and other financial records specific to each project. Records are filed alphabetically by project title.

(Note that in this case no administrative history was required at the series-level).