5. Basic RAD Quick Reference Sheet (Table of Contents)

[Numbers in bold face indicate the relevant section of the RAD manual. Asterisks (*) indicate required elements.]

1.1 Title*
1.4 Dates*
1.5 Extent*
1.7B1 Administrative history*

Dates of founding/dissolution
Mandate/sphere of functional responsibility
Predecessor and successor bodies
Administrative relationships
Administrative structure
Names of the corporate bodies
Name(s) of the chief officers
Other significant information
1.7B2 Biographical sketch*

Names and vital events
Place of residence
Occupation, life and activities
Other significant information
1.7C Custodial history
1.7D Scope and content*
1.8B2 Source of supplied title
1.8B9 Physical description
1.8B13 Arrangement
1.8B16 Restrictions
1.8B19 Accruals
Linking Element