Craig Harkema's Favourite Images

Sketch of Dancer McGregor Hone was a familiar face in the University of Saskatchewan Archives up until his passing in 2007. The Archives has since acquired some of his materials, among them is a set of ink drawings of Indigenous dancers. Though perhaps best known for his printmaking, Hone was a versatile artist who excelled in several mediums. This piece captures the movement of the dancer through free flowing energetic lines.
Mandan Rainmaking This poster is a reprint of a George Catlin painting depicting a Mandan male standing on a domed lodge, holding a drum and pointing a bow at the sky. The Mandans had a complex social structure, mythology and religion, an example of which Catlin paints captivatingly here.
Inuit Kayakers This image shows two Inuit men who appear to be coming in from a kayak trip. I’ve been paddling off and on most of my life and find the history of kayaking interesting. You can faintly see the tools used for hunting narwhal, seal, walrus, birds, caribou, among various other fauna strapped to the deck of the vessel. (This is image 4 of 28)
Maid of the Mist I selected this image, a postcard produced by W. G. MacFarlane out of Toronto, because it seemed to me an interesting example of the romanticized imagery that proliferated in the early 1900s. The Maid of the Mist myth on the left is contrasted by the “Red Man’s fact” on the right, which conveys an even more mythological, romanticized and sexualized feel than its counterpart

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