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Saskatchewan in Two World Wars
About the Exhibit

This exhibit was created with the financial assistance from the Canadian Council of Archives and with the cooperation of the following SCAA members:

City of Saskatoon Archives (COS)
Diefenbaker Canada Centre Archives (DCCA)
Diefenbaker Canada Centre Museum (DCCM)
Local History Room, Saskatoon Public Library (LHR)
Oblates of Mary Immaculate, St. Mary's Province Archives (OMI)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Prince Albert Archives (RCDPA)
Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon Archives (RCDS)
St. Thomas More College Archives (STM)
Special Collections, University of Saskatchewan Libraries (SpC)
University of Regina Archives (UR)
University of Saskatchewan Archives (US).

Laying a wreath at the Cenotaph in Saskatoon on Remembrance Day, c. 1950. [1]

The exhibit does not purport to be a definitive history of either war or even to fully document Saskatchewan's participation in the conflicts. Rather, it attempts to provide representative images and textual materials currently in the custody of those archival repositories in the Province that are actively participating in the Saskatchewan Archival Information Network (SAIN). Despite the preponderance of items in the holdings of the larger repositories, a concerted effort has been made to select and present material on a fair and equitable basis to ensure the viewer understands the wealth of valuable documents that exist in archives throughout the Province.

Maneuvering the field course during training at Dundurn Army Camp, 1942. [2]

Despite differing dates, causes, strategies, battles, and conclusions, many similarities surround the two world wars of the twentieth century. Hostilities developed, declarations of war were issued, recruitment and enlistment occurred, training and equipping were undertaken, engagements were fought and peace treaties were signed. It is in this "shared experiences" that this exhibit is presented - not as a strict chronology but as an attempt to juxtapose similar activities at different times and in differing ways.


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