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2003: Kinesiology Physical Activity Complex Opens

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After a five and a half year wait, the College of Kinesiology moved into their new home in what would almost immediately be know as .The PAC.. It was back in December of 1997 that the Physical Education Centre was found to be no longer structurally sound. Offices were moved from the building within hours and within months the wood beam structure opened in 1950 was demolished.

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The new $33-million complex began construction in 2001 and occupies the space between the Gymnasium built in 1963-64 and the Administration Building. The athletic facilities of the new building feature a triple gym with seating for about 2,500, four convertible racquetball/squash courts, a walk/jog track overlooking the gym, a 14,000 square foot Fit Centre, a rock climbing wall in the main foyer, a dance studio, gymnastics facilities, a high-ceilinged galleria and expanded locker facilities. The new building includes five classrooms, a lecture theatre, and state-of-the-art laboratories.

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2003a: View of the PAC from Campus Drive, 2004. DMT photo, 2978.
2003b: Students on the PAC climbing wall, 2004. DMT photo, 2926.


On Campus News, 2003
Facilities Management fonds, RG 2015

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