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2002: Commerce Second in National Competition

Commerce students started the year off well by placing second in the case competitions at the national MBA Games.

The University’s commerce students have scored significantly higher than the national average on the Chartered Accountants Uniform Final Exam, were recent repeat winners of the Manitoba International Marketing Competition, winners in the Grant Thornton Accounting Case Competition, and were one of only 7 teams selected out of a field of 119 entries to go to the finals of the National Business Strategy Competition in Singapore. In another ranking, the College was placed on a “Tier 1" recruitment level–on par with an elite group that includes Ivy League schools in the U.S.A. and Queen's and Western Ontario in Canada.

Curiously, the College’s MBA program had also been recently ranked by a magazine to less acclaim: last in a field of 22. Nevertheless, at the MBA Games Saskatchewan students outperformed the number 1 ranked school. “A true measure of how our students perform is in things like the case competition,” noted Associate Dean Lou Hammond Ketilson, suggesting output, rather than input, was the better indicator.

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