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2000: Virtual College of Biotechnology

In the year 2000, the University of Saskatchewan moved away from the traditional bricks and mortar colleges to create its first virtual college.  For decades the University of Saskatchewan had played a leading role in biotechnology research and industrial development.1   It was therefore fitting when in January, the University Council approved nine program options for students who wanted to pursue a career in the field of biotechnology. With programs offered through the colleges of Arts and Science, Medicine, Agriculture, Commerce, and Engineering, undergraduate students would share a common core of courses dealing with the key scientific, social, economic, commercial, and ethical issues associated with the development and growth of the biotechnology industry. These programs formed the basis of new Virtual College of Biotechnology (VCB).  Its role was to facilitate the coordination, integration, and delivery of these new interdisciplinary academic programs.  In addition to the undergraduate program, the VCB was to promote a wider understanding of biotechnology through a seminar series and postgraduate diploma program. 2

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2. http://biotechnology.usask.ca

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