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1994: Hangar Building Demolished

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May of 1994 saw the destruction of a campus landmark.  The Hangar Building, used during World War II as an air force training facility at Dafoe, Saskatchewan, was dismantled and reassembled on campus in 1948.1  This “temporary” structure cost the University $156,560.00 and in its five decades housed Commerce, Drama and Art.  The shingle clad wooden structure was of post and beam construction on a concrete slab base.  Although it was cold, drafty, subject to flooding and rodent infestations, many lamented its passing.  For a number of years the College of Commerce presented to their associate donors ($1,000 or more) a framed shingle as a memento of the building that played a significant role in the college’s history and development.2  The foot print of the Hangar Building was converted to 70 electrified parking spaces in the faculty-staff parking lot R.

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1994a: Hangar Building–Flood, 1953, Photograph Collection, A-3057.
1994b: Hangar Building–Demolition, 1994, Photograph Collection, A-3651.
1994c: Hangar Building–Demolition, 1994, Photograph Collection, A-3651.


1. Green and White, Fall 1994.
2. Appraisement of the University of Saskatchewan, Miscellaneous Collection.

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