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1982: Fiftieth Consecutive Farm and Home Week

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The first Farm and Home Week was held in 1933 as an economising measure in the face of the mounting financial squeeze of the Great Depression.  A number of annual conventions were combined to coincide during a single week at the University of Saskatchewan; January 1982 marked the fiftieth consecutive gathering.  Organized primarily by Extension, it has maintained close links to several of the provinces’ agricultural organizations such as the Saskatchewan Association of Agricultural Societies, the Saskatchewan Field Husbandry Association, the Saskatchewan Branch of the Canadian Seed Grower’s Association and the Saskatchewan Agricultural Graduates.1   It has developed into a combination of convention, with several groups gathering for annual general meetings, and an educational event with displays, seminars, lectures and discussion groups.  The highlight of the fiftieth anniversary was the appearance of  former U of S Professor, Grant MacEwan, who had conducted the livestock demonstration at the  first Farm and Home Week in 1933.2   Like its first gathering, Farm and Home Week continues to draw a wide audience from across rural Saskatchewan. 

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1982a: Farm and Home Week 50, 1982.
1982b: Farm and Home Week–Livestock Exhibition, Jan 1982, Photograph Collection, A-6589.
1982c: Farm and Home Week–Livestock Exhibition, Jan 1982, Photograph Collection, A-6590.


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