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1981: Museum of Antiquities Opens

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Initiated by professors Michael Swan and Nicholas Gyenes, in 1974 the University began collecting high-quality reproductions of Greek and Roman sculpture from the Louvre, the British Museum, the Museum of Antiquities in Delphi, and the Acropolis Museum in Athens. Through University and private sponsorship the collections grew rapidly and by 1981, The Museum of Antiquities was formally opened in the Main Library.

The collection was always intended to enrich the experience of students studying art, history and the classics; and the Museumís long-range aim is to offer a reliable and critical account of the artistic accomplishments of major epochs and civilizations, especially in the field of sculptural art. The present collection includes Cycladic to Medieval and Early Christian art, as well as coins. It is the only museum of its kind at a Canadian university.

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Nicholas Gyenes fonds, MG 76.
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1981a: Museum of Antiquities. Photograph Collection, A-8788.

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