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1970: The Grain-for-fees Program

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As the 1960s came to a close, Saskatchewan’s wheat economy was in trouble.  A glut on the world market had suppressed the price of wheat.  As a result, many of Saskatchewan’s farmers were grain rich and cash poor.  In August of 1970, the University announced that the grain-for-fees program would be offered for a second year.  A limited number of students, farmers or the children of farmers would be selected on the basis of need.  More than one student, however, could qualify from the same family.  Eligible students were allowed to make deliveries worth up to $300 or in most cases about three-quarters of their tuition fees.  The grain, paid at market value, was to be delivered to the University Farm at the students' expense for later use as feed in experimental trials.  In the first year only barley was accepted.  In the second, oats and wheat were added. Approximately 65 students in each of the two years qualified for the program.1

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