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1967: Two-Campus System Formalized

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On 1 July 1967, the University of Saskatchewan implemented sweeping administrative changes.  In sixty years the University in Saskatoon had grown form one College with 90 students to fourteen Colleges with 10,000 students.1   Regina College, saved by the U of S from bankruptcy in the 1930s, had become the rapidly expanding Regina Campus.  However, the southern campus was administered by a principal while the northern campus was not.  In an effort to quell growing discontent, the government was asked to modify the University Act to allow the appointment of a principal in Saskatoon. It was hoped that this move would permit the President greater freedom to concentrate on university, as distinguished from campus, affairs. On 1 July 1967 Robert Begg became the first and only principal of the Saskatoon campus of the University of Saskatchewan, his role was to act as the chief academic and administrative officer of the Saskatoon Campus.2  As time went by relations between the Saskatoon and Regina campuses became more fractious.  In 1974 the two-campus system came to an end with the creation of the University of Regina as a separate and independent institution.

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1967a: Campus–Aerial. Photograph Collection, A-2480.
1967b: Regina Campus. Photograph Collection, A-7646.
1967c: Convocation–Dais, 1 Nov 1969. Photograph, A-7752.


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