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1955: Andrusyshen publishes Ukrainian-English Dictionary

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In 1955 Constantine Henry Andrusyshen published his monumental Ukrainian-English Dictionary. Compiled by Dr. Andrusyshen and J. N. Krett with the assistance ofá Helen Virginia Andrusyshen, it was ten years in the making.This pioneering work includes about 100,000 word entries, 35,000 idiomatic expressions and a summary of Ukrainian grammar.á It was republished in 1957 and 1981.á Among Ukrainian lexicographers it is still recognized as the pre-eminent work.

Born in Winnipeg, the son of Ukrainian immigrants, Andrusyshen came to the University of Saskatchewan in 1944 as Professor and Head of the newly formed Department of Slavic Studies - the first such department in Canada.á As one of the very first Canadian Slavists, his contribution as a teacher, translator, linguist and lexicographer is an enduring legacy. 2

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