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1946: Enrolment Soars

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After a decade and a half of living from one crisis to another, the University emerged into a flurry of activity in 1946.  The student population exploded with returning soldiers. In the fall of 1944 enrolment was 1,530 and by 1946 it was 4,195.  The University acted quickly to accommodate the sudden influx.  Some students were housed at the former RCAF training base near the Saskatoon Airport and a number of temporary (surplus military) buildings were hastily built on campus.  The Chemistry and Physics Annexes were located on the north end of campus, the Hangar Building on the south side.  The annexes were initially erected to
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accommodate the overflow from Chemistry, Pharmacy and Physics, but these “temporary structures” were to remain on campus for decades housing various colleges and departments including Home Economics, Commerce, Fine Arts and Drama.

To facilitate future expansion, permanent structures were either under construction or planned.  The cornerstone of the Medical College was laid by Premier Douglas on 26th of August and the Engineering addition was nearing completion.   Plans for a new School of Agriculture, Animal Disease Laboratory and Gymnasium were announced.1  After years of getting by and making do, the University of Saskatchewan was moving toward a new horizon.  With victory had come a sense of a new beginning. 

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1946b: Greystone, 1946.
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1946d: Medical Building–Corner stone laying, 1946.  Photograph Collection, A-6733.


1. Annual Report, 1946-1947.

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