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1943: The Esquire Club

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By 1943 the World War had truly become a global conflict.  To those left at the University it was important to keep up morale.  The Esquire Club was formed “for the purpose of furthering campus spirit and organizing cheerleading, singsongs and any other activity that would add life to the student activities.”1

The 1943 Greystone described the newly formed club so: “With ‘Benny Murphy as the Feuhrer’ and handsome Dunc Scott as Number One Booster, the boys contributed their combined talents to many Varsity functions.  They featured prominently in the successful Harvest Festival, and the one Rugby game of the year.  At the Hallowe’en Carnival they helped maintain order, gave advice, and assisted all fallen comrades.  They also contributed to the cultural life of the Varsity by supplying entertainment at the Barn Dance and raising their voices in joyous song at the Cafeteria sing-songs.”2

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2. Greystone, 1942-1943.


1943a: Greystone, 1942-1943.
1943b: Greystone, 1942-1943.
1943c: Greystone, 1942-1943.
1943d: Student Handbook, 1943-1944.

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